Winter Outfit | High-neck Sweaters and Rainboots

Hello everybody! I hope you all have had a great week. Now I wanted to do something fashion related for this week's blog post and I felt that posing in negative degree weather would make this post a bit more "seasonal" looking or have you will. But, then again, I did end up going to a local greenhouse where it was a bit warmer and I was able to show you guys the main pieces that I am wearing. So, my best friend Ellie and I went on a little adventure this past weekend and I am so happy to share it with all of you.

Now personally, I actually adore this parka even though it does make me look like an Eskimo. I got it from Topshop like a year or two back and it is the warmest thing I have ever worn. Kudos to Topshop! What"s also great about this jacket is that you can take off the faux fur liner inside and where the top half of the coat during the fall or Spring. There is also a zipper and buttons on it so you can really seal up for the cold days.
These boots have been a huge staple in my wardrobe this season. Since I live in Chicago, all we get is snow, rain, and more snow on top of that in January. Not only are these Hunter boots really durable, they are also pretty versatile and the actually look good with jeans and a cute top or just as working boots themselves. However, I don't recommend wearing these to like a party or a fancy dinner or something like that. They also have some cute boot-sock liners to make them more insulated as I find sometimes that on really cold days, wearing a light sock still freezes my toes. I will link them here.
Now high-neck tops have been something that I have been really obsessed with. Mainly because they keep my neck warm but, also because I love the mod vibe they give to any outfit and I also like tucking my hair into the collar sometimes. I have no idea why. I think this sweater is so cute and sadly I could not find it linked on the website so I have linked below a look-a-like for you all to check out.
This sweater is actually really thick and it may look black and white but, it's actually a navy blue color and I really like it. I did find though that the arm sleeves were a bit short on me but, that's just a little detail and I think I could have gotten a size bigger when I ordered it. The overall length is nice and I love how it feels like an over-sized sweater without being way over-sized.
Light-washed jeans have also been my obsession this past month. I love the look of them on and while I see a lot of people wearing them, I think that sometimes light jeans can be a bit hard to pull off as to darker jeans that flatter and look better on most people. It was pretty hard for me to find the right wash that I liked. These jeans specifically are high-rise and they flatter all the right places! Ahh, a nice pair of jeans that doesn't cut off your bloodstream and actually fits. American Eagle has done me wonders.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have taken inspiration on outfits that you can wear for this season. Also, huge thanks to my best friend, Ellaby, for driving around with me and being my personal photographer for the day. Go check out her beauty blog as well.
 Eskimo Parka: Topshop Knit: Topshop Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters Rain Boots: Hunter


  1. I love your coat! I bet it kept you really warm and cosy in the snow as well! Lovely photos as well! What a great post x


    1. It sure did keep me warm! I am so glad that you enjoyed! X


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