Elf Contouring Palettes | Review

Hello everyone! So today I have a quick post for you guys. It's a review on one of my loved bronzers and I feel like finding a really good, suitable bronzer can be a struggle if you aren't looking in the right direction. E.l.f has been one of my faves for a long time now, probably back in middle school when I was just starting to use makeup and had no money. The e.l.f. blush and contouring palette has been a bronzer that I have used for a really long time. I think I mentioned this in like one or two other posts before and I love it so much. This one is in the shade Antigua. The only thing that I don't really like about it is that the bronzer looks a bit more orange. All you have to do is blend and blend; it should be fine after that. It looks a bit shimmery too but, the other bronzer I have shown is not. 

I recently purchased this golden bronzer mosaic type palette from e.l.f. and this has been one of my favorite drugstore bronzers of all time. The color is very soft and makes you look very goddess-like. You can even use each color separately if you like using one of the shades instead of all four. The one in the bottom left corner is really pretty used as a nice highlight above the cheek bone. They also have cool and warmer toned palettes as well. I also like to use the blush brush they have to apply the bronzers and blush.

You can usually find e.l.f. at places like Target or Walgreens now I think. I really enjoy these products and hope everyone goes and buys these. Especially for beginners, e.l.f. is one of my top trusted makeup brand that'll get you through school dances, meetings, and every day. 

I hope you all enjoyed this quick little review! What are some drugstore blushes and bronzers that I need to try out next? Leave comments below and follow me on bloglovin! 

Xoxo Nat


  1. I've never tried any elf products but I really like the packaging and you really like the products!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  2. These look brilliant I must check them out. My favourite drugstore bronzer is the L'Oreal one. Its super warmed toned so it doesn't blend in with my contour! xx


  3. I love ELF products. Target is my go to place for them. I love their makeup brushes too. I am pretty pale with pink undertones & blush QUICKLY so Im always nervous about trying bronzers, blush, even contouring.
    I am very interested in the quad bronzer you highlighted.
    I found a great bronzer one year from CVS and it was made for pale skin/light hair & it was MAGIC. Until I dropped it & it shattered EVERYWHERE!
    do you do contouring?
    new follower via bloglovin :)

    Love, Frances

    1. Hello Frances! I am so glad that you are interested in my posts! It means so much. I have always loved elf and their bronzers and blushes are my favorite. (Even compared to Nars which is really dang expensive haha). I do like to contour and I just got a new contouring palette.
      Here's the link: http://natalierohman.blogspot.com/2016/02/bh-cosmetics-contour-blush-palette.html
      I have always used bronzer and contouring has been really new to me. I guess it can be very different for everyone and there are bronzers and blushes out there for everyone! I'd be happy to follow you on Bloglovin :)


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