Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink | Review

Hey everyone! I have had a great spring break and school starts very soon. Ugh. That doesn't mean the party stops on my blog! Today, I have an awesome set that I found on a different blog post someone recently did. This new Sephora Favorites "Paint it Pink" box is one of the best Sephora Favorite sets they have sold in my opinion. First of all, it's only 40 bucks. You get three original sized items, including a beauty blender which is $20 on it's own. You really are getting a great deal with this box. The whole theme is pink which I think is great for spring. It could be a deal breaker for some that don't like to wear pink makeup, but I think it has a variety of products that will suit just about anyone!
Here is everything in the box that I found online either full-size or travel-size if you want to purchase one or two of these separately with the prices (I still recommend this box as a whole because of how awesome the value is. Plus, you can try out these items without paying for the full-size):

*Items marked with an asterisk are not full-size in the set

So the box says that all of the products are a $122 value noting that many are travel or mini size. Obviously, they wouldn't include all full-size items, but some of the items listed are exclusively mini to the set and aren't sold separately. 

The Beauty Blender in this set was maybe one of the reasons I purchased it. I still think that $20 for a sponge is a bit much, but you get seven other great products so the total value of this set was incredible. I have always wanted to try the Beauty Blender anyway and I think that it was worth spending the extra twenty for all those other prestige cosmetics. 

This Becca Shimmer Skin Perfector is quite an amazing product. It's a beautiful color and in ROSE GOLD. It's really pigmented and pretty, but I found that this shade was a bit too orange to put on my cheeks. I found that it was also a little too chalky. It would dust off my cheeks and wouldn't blend into my skin like I wanted it to. I used this as an eye shadow instead and it looked way better on my lids than it did on my cheeks! Since it is a mini size, it kind of looks like a full-size eye shadow. I guess this product is better off as a pigment or a shadow than a blush or highlighter.  

I was really excited to try out the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. I went to one of Benefit's beauty bars to try it out and it looked like I had false lashes! I already had too many mascaras at the time so I passed on it that day. Now I can try out this awesome mascara and review it for you all! I love how it curls my lashes and makes them big and voluminous.   

Another product I was so excited to use was this Deborah Lippmann nail polish. You guys know that I have been loving the "nude nails" look and I love this color on my nails. I was so excited to use it and I put it on as soon as the package arrived. You can see that it is pretty sheer, but I only put about one or two coats. It lasted for over a week and I think that if you wanted, you could use more than two coats or use it for a french manicure. 

I was really impressed with Sephora because I was so happy and shocked that they would put a full-size Laura Mercier product in here. This is a really pretty pink shade and I love how it looks for spring! I don't wear pink lipstick that often, but this shade was perfect for my skin tone and is more pink-taupe than a bright, hot pink. 
I was not that impressed with this lip gloss though. I guess it looks cute. That's about it. It's just a mini, sheer lip gloss and that's all I can say about it. Good for travel and just making your lips look glossier I guess! It looks like it gives off color on the swatch, but on the lips it just doesn't.
I have never really tried Tarte before and I have heard so much about all "Amazonian clay" what-not. I have to say, this is a really great blush. I have been looking for a nice, warm, peachy shade and this is just what I wanted! It's super blendable and isn't so strongly pigmented that you end up looking like a doll or something. It looks great for springtime!  
This was another one of the full-size items in the set and it's one of the best ROSE GOLD (gotta keep emphasizing how much I LOVE rose gold) eye shadows I have ever used. Lasting power to the extreme! It stays on all day and gives off great color without being chalky and icky. Nicely done Urban Decay. I will have to purchase more singles (and palettes of course) from them next time. Plus, I love the packaging!
Pardon my under-eye circles, here I used the Urban Decay eye shadow on my lid and the Becca Shimmering Perfector in the crease (if you can tell). I really like how fresh and pretty this look is for spring!
I think that this set can please just about anyone. It has great, quality products. Three full-size items and five mini/travel-size items, too. It's worth $122 and you can get it for just 40 stinkin' bucks! Some people may not like the color theme and I think that Sephora should do other colors like red or berry as well! I really enjoyed all of the products in this set, even though there were some I could live without. 

What I really loved/"Out of the ballpark" products I enjoyed:
I really loved how Sephora included the Beauty Blender into the set. I think it's a great deal once you think about it. I have always wanted to try out the sponge and I always thought that it was an insane amount to pay for just that. However, I have been using it every single day I wear foundation and I love it. I would totally buy this set to get more for your money.

I also liked how they included a full-size lipstick in the set. Laura Mercier is a pretty expensive brand and this lipstick is worth about 30 bucks. That's a lot for a lipstick in my opinion. I think that it made the set even more worth it.

What I didn't really care for/The "strike" products I didn't enjoy:
I didn't really think that the mini lip gloss was really necessary in the kit. Maybe it was just like a "bag filler". I could totally live without it and wouldn't really care if they didn't include it in the set. I could still use it for travel and things like that though.

I guess I also could have lived without the nail polish. It wasn't an amazing color, but it was a great formula for a polish. I have wanted to try Deborah Lippmann's polishes. How come they didn't include like a nice pink shade or something?
I hope you all enjoyed this very lengthy review. I was really excited to get this box and do a review on it for all of you. I really loved this set and I recommend it to all of you makeup lovers out there! I have had an awesome spring break and I think I am ready to get back into the swing of things. What did you guys do over spring break? 

Xoxo, Nat


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    1. Thank you so much! I saw your post on Instagram. I absolutely love reading your blog! I really love this set. I have been using every single product in here since I bought it! XXX


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