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Hello lovelies! I have a mini post for you all on this beautiful Monday. I did a little shop at my local Bath and Body and had to restock on some of my favorites. These are pretty much the classic body creams that Bath and Body Works have sold over the past years and I had to share my favorites with you guys! 

For starters, I'm not an avid lotion applier-person. Haha, scented lotion can sometimes dry my skin out even more and make me itch. Especially Bath and Body Works's lotions. These are body creams, however, and do not do that to my body. I normally apply these after I take a shower and just lather it on! 

Pearberry- If you are into really fruity scents, I highly recommend this one. It isn't insanely sweet and sickening. It leaves a very pretty scent on and smells like you've just walked through a patch of raspberries and picked some pears in the warm sun! (Very descriptive, Natalie).

Sweet Pea- This is a classic. Everyone has either used this scent or seen it as they browse all of the scents in Bath and Body. It's your fresh, floral scent and is always a go-to when you don't know which to get.

Amber Blush- I really love using this in the summer and the fall. It smells so warm... haha that doesn't make sense, but you know what I mean! Like you've been sitting at a bonfire for a couple hours roasting marshmallows. Even though amber isn't exactly sugar, it smells very sweet and sultry. Kinda sexy, too!

These creams retail at $13 each and it actually takes a very long time to use one up. They have mini versions of these too for travel and if you just want a smaller size. I think Bath and Body Works have one of the largest selections of scents available all year round, so there's a scent for everybody! These are my top 3 and I highly suggest you all go try these out! 

Xoxo, Nat

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