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Hello everyone! I have a very special post for you all today. One of the main reasons that I wanted to start a blog was to connect with people. I want to learn more about other people's interests, hobbies, and cultures. I have always loved exploring new places and that comes with meeting new people (which I also love to do). I met this lovely blogger a few weeks ago and she has just started out her blog! She wanted to collab, and how could I say no?! I am going to give the mic to Nicole now and she's going to tell you a little bit about one of her favorite things—art.

Hey guys!

I’m Nicole (a.k.a florrall.blogspot.co.uk) and I’ll be a guest writer for Natalie’s blog!

For this post, I would like to talk about my passion: art. Art has always been an interest of mine ever since I can remember. As a child, I loved stationery and I collected pens, pencils, and leather notebooks that I used do my sketches and experiment with different patterns and portrait drawings.

I consider myself an introvert. Oftentimes, I struggle expressing myself through words, so I withdraw into my shell; my inner world where it is colorful and extravagant and the only place where I feel comfortable. When I got my first sketchbook, I began unraveling myself and my inner sphere. Through the drawings and paintings I did, I opened the doors to my mind for the first time. 

I love being creative. It is the key feature to my personality. Without the creativity, which I derived from my weirdly wonderful mind, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. That’s why I love art, it is my only way of expressing myself freely; I can create art as bizarrely or enigmatic as I want through many different forms and mediums. 

Sorry if this is a little personal, I just enjoy talking about what I love! And if you’re reading this post and reached to this point, then I would like to give you a virtual hug and thank you for taking the time to read this post about my passion, it makes me so happy that someone out there is interested! 

Again, thank you so much and and please make sure to check out my blog where it contains most of my work! 

Nicole ᵔᴥᵔ 

I hope all of you liked this post as it is something quite different than what I normally do. I really love learning about other people and their passions. I feel like the only way we are able to grow is by being tolerant and considerate of all the different ideas and passions that exist in this world. Even if it's just someone's passion for art; you will most likely learn something new! I would really like to do more posts like these in the future, so if you would like to contact me and collab, I would be so happy to! Thanks for reading as always, and many claps for Nicole because I genuinely believe that she will do great things with her blog. Make sure to checkout her blog, as well (linked above). 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. WOW! Thank you so much for publishing my post!!!

    1. My pleasure Nicole :) You have a true talent!