15 New Year's Resolutions to Think About

Hi everybody! Sorry I didn't post this morning, I've been a bit behind schedule due to finals and some last projects I need to be finishing up. For this post, I thought I would talk about New Year's resolutions. Not many people love them or abide by them, but for some, they can be a great way to reflect and improve upon some of the things we think could help ourselves and others. I, for one, have always struggled with keeping up on my goals for the new year and sometimes I do make mistakes here and there, but I think the best thing we can do is pick ourselves up again and set new goals--ones we can at least try to reach. It can be as simple as eating less sugar to more complex like making sure you study more in order to get the outcome you want in a certain class. One of mine might be to lay off the blogging a bit and take more breaks; good content and ideas can only come out of passion, not just for getting a post up on a certain date in my opinion. 

For myself, and all of you, I have compiled only twenty goals or resolutions I think we could all aspire to do that can make better changes in our lives this coming year. Sure, it's a bit early, but it's never too early to start improving ourselves. 

1) Start saying I love you more: to your friends, family, and especially to yourself.
Accepting ourselves and learning to care and forgive is one of the most important steps to creating better relationships with our peers and ourselves. The whole hustle and bustle can distract us from remembering who we are and why we're here. 

2) Get off your technology and remember the more important thing in life besides how many followers you have.
This is sort of a given, but I hope everybody can realize that there is more to life than the little box in their hands all the time. Look up more and experience life. 

3) Make more time for yourself and have some solitude every now and then.
I know I'm a master at solitude and finding time for myself, but not everybody else is. For my more socially enabled readers, remember that finding alone time can help destress you and bring you away from the noise. Occasionally, it's never a bad thing to want to stay in bed and watch Netflix all night.  

4) Focus on studies more, but don't over do it. Go out with friends while you can. 
I know school is important, and so is living. Do what you gotta do and then go out with people you enjoy being around. You deserve it; don't torture yourself. 

5) Find some physical activity that you enjoy and makes you happy.                                               Such as yoga, sometimes these things we do for our bodies can be very good. Getting in shape, not only physically, but mentally will help improve stress and raise energy levels. 

6) Volunteer your time more and give back.
Doing one simple deed for someone in need can make all the better. Even donating a dollar to your local Salvation Army bell ringers or helping out at a food kitchen can make a difference. These things shouldn't be taken for granted because every amount of help counts.

7) "Talk Less, Smile More."
Props to anyone who knows where that quote is from (ahem Hamilton). I think it's important to listen to people. Sharing your opinion and thoughts on things is important, but sometimes replying to people to understand is more important than replying to respond, says my English teacher. We can only accept each other and respect one another when both voices are heard. It's something that I forget sometimes. 

8) Eat better food.
I know this is something we all have on our lists to do, but sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zones and try new food. Food that's different than what we normally eat. Maybe you'll find something healthy that you never thought you would have loved and it changed your whole entire eating habit. 

9) Say "thank you."
We are all old enough to know manners, but sometimes things can go unnoticed. Giving someone a simple, "thanks", might make their day a tiny bit better. 

10) Learn to let go.
Let go of grudges, mistakes, embarrassing moments, bad grades, broken friendships, arguments, bad critiques, failures, and everything else. You're human and that's just a part of living. Move on.

11) Try something new for the heck of it.
I never thought I would have loved yoga if I never tried it. I've learned so many things about myself and overall well being because of it. I know how to control my body and remain positive during challenges I have faced. 

12) Try out a fashion trend you never thought you could pull off.
Wearing that same sweater and jean combination isn't doing you justice? Try a look that you normally wouldn't do and see what you think. I'm still scared to even touch a choker! Maybe it will open new aesthetically pleasing doors.

13) Don't assume things about people.
I think everyone can attest to at least once judging someone based on their actions, looks, or the way they speak. It's just what we do I guess. We should never treat a person based on an assumption. You don't know their life at all. Why don't you try to get to know them? Maybe they're dealing with something you can or can't relate to. 

14) Reward yourself more for your achievments and battles.
This sort of goes with the "more solitude" one, but more specifically about the way we treat ourselves after an accomplishment or milestone. It's okay to treat yourself because you deserve it. 

15) Stand up for yourself when something isn't right.
I can relate to this one a lot because I'm the type of person that won't ask for a new meal because something was not cooked or brought out right. I'm just so humble and my Dad always yells at me for not speaking up. As we grow older, our dads and moms will not be there to ask the waiter for another plate, and it will be up to us to make things right. This could apply to anything else really.

I hope these help spark some inspiration as to what goals you guys would like to achieve or improve on through the next year. I know there are a lot more so I might keep adding to the list as I think of more. Have a great weekend everybody! 

What do you want to improve about yourself?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Great resolutions, eating better is always on my list I think - hoping to actually stick with it
    Kathy x


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