Lush Holiday BOGO Haul

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you all had a very nice break and enjoyed the time and maybe still are enjoying your time off. I have had a really relaxing break and haven't traveled anywhere. I think there will be a trip to my Grandpa's, but that is still to be decided since I have another full week off. I decided to get back on the blog and share some things I bought yesterday at Lush's BOGO (buy one get one free) sale. I mean, you all know this was a hit for me since I am obsessed with Lush. Yesterday was the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day, as many other people call it and celebrate this very commercialized, Black Friday-like "holiday". In America, there's really no such thing as Boxing Day--just a ton of post-Christmas sales that many people go to (like me). 
So, my sister, friend, and I walked into Lush, to find it absurdly filled with people and Christmas products galore. Now, I'm not one to love going into stores that are compacted with people, but Lush seems to never have enough space because it's so incredibly popular (can't blame 'em!). I tried to make my way around as I shimmied through people and displays. I knew I wanted a lot of buy one get one free stuff and I headed over to all of the labeled products. It was all surprisingly full of product and there were a lot to choose from. I was scared that a lot of the products would have been picked over, even at 3 in the afternoon. 

The first thing I really wanted, from the Fall collection, was the Autumn Leaf bath bomb. I tried this out earlier this year and fell in love with the crisp and fresh scent it gave off. Had to add that to the basket! 
Then I kept looking around and really wanted more bath bombs for this season that I didn't get to try out when they weren't on sale. I got Lord of Misrule, which reminds me of having a bonfire on Christmas Eve. It is very spicy and warm. 

One thing I was really excited about was the Santasaurus Bubble Bar. It's so sweet and citrusy. It just makes bath time fun, even if you're not a kid! Definitely a great deal to find. 

With being at Lush, there was no way I could leave without picking up a face mask (even if it's in order to reach my 5 clean containers to receive a free mask). They are simply the best for all skin types and are super fresh and paraben/chemical free. The Cupcake face mask is probably my favorite mask because it treats my oily and acne prone skin to the max! It smells really yummy, too.

Another favorite of mine that I picked up was the Yoga Bomb. I love soaking with this bomb after a very well deserved yoga class that made me sweat and wore me out. The best thing to come home to is this lavender-citrus smelling bomb. 
Last, but not least, I wanted another bath bomb and Mistletoe was the perfect choice for a warm, spicy bath. It's infused with Jasmine and smells divine. Everything you could want in your bath this time of year.  

I'm sure there will be more sales from Lush, but this one sure beat the others. I'm glad I got to be a part of it and find the products I never got to try. I think I will be back on schedule this week with many new posts and exciting reviews to be shared. A big Christmas post will be up on Thursday, so stay tuned! 

What was your favorite Lush Christmas product? Did you go to the sale, too?

Xoxo, Nat

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