Little Christmas Touches

One of my favorite times of the year is Christmas. Decorating for Christmas has been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for and I thought I would make another post about the sweet little Christmas touches I added to my bedroom. I did a post quite similar to this last year and you can read about my favorite Christmas decorations in my home, here. With warm, fuzzy socks on, spicy Christmas candles burning, snow falling, and Michael Buble playing, what better time to start the holiday decorating! 
I actually bought this mini Christmas tree at Walmart a couple years ago and it's been great ever since! It was like $10 and I think I bought the mini ornaments from there, too. I like to put my favorite and sometimes gifted ornaments on this tree. Along with some candy canes and some fake candy canes I made at a Christmas party. 
This was probably one of the best Christmas presents I have received. A fox nutcracker?! It's honestly so adorable up on the shelf. Also, I have two sets of fairy lights that I also bought from Target in the Dollar Spot section and just leave them up there all year long. 
This was probably one of the best purchases I have made all season. You would never guess where I got this sparkly, glittery, amazingness of a sign from. Not Home Goods, not Walmart, not Target, not any of those places. The Dollar Tree. It was only one buck! Despite how much the glitter gets everywhere, it's the perfect touch to any bland door or wall. 
I believe that I got this monogrammed stocking as a gift and my sisters and I have matching ones. I added this fox ornament from Target (why wouldn't I?) and a little candy cane to make it look more festive. 
Christmas can't be Christmas without an advent calendar! This one isn't the best and to be honest it tastes like cardboard, but it's the thought that counts. Plus, I think it's cute as just a decorative piece anyway. 
I have this little winter penguin and my Balsam and Cedar mini Yankee Candle on my bookshelf. I love having wintery candles all over my room and burning every time I'm in my room. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this little Christmas room tour of all my little touches I've added to my space! I love the festive feel it gives off. What are some things you do when you decorate for the holidays?

Xoxo, Nat

P.S. Happy 100th post on this blog! I am completely grateful for all of your guys' support! <3

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