10 Spring & Summer Goals

I know that it has been quite some time through these past couple of months, especially with my senior year coming to a close in about two weeks. I keep stressing how much time has flown by and each day seems to be flashing before me. I am so excited to see what will come when I go off to college, but as of now, I still need to get through some things before I start to focus on college even more. I love reading these types of posts to see what everyone is currently doing, so I hope that I can give some inspiration to all of you. 

01. Stress Less About the Future.
I feel like these past months have been extremely hard for me. Being a senior isn't all the bliss and privilege you think it might be. It has its perks, but it's probably been the most stressful part of my high school career. A lot has happened this year and I need to embrace all the moments I get. I feel for any of you who are still trying to figure out their future plans. I haven't even really decided on a college yet because I am still waitlisted on a scholarship if you can believe it. 

02. Enjoy My Final Year of High School.
Like I said, my high school career is rapidly coming to a close. I probably won't miss the bus or gym, but I will miss my friends and my teachers who have supported me throughout this transition. I have an upcoming awards ceremony and a choir concert that I am really looking forward to. I'm also at the same time, ready to be done! It's been one heck of a journey. 

03. Connect with Old Friends.
It has sadly become a habit of mine to not reach out to old friends. I'm sure many people can relate. Sometimes, it can be hard to just start talking to someone you knew so long ago and just separated because--life happened. People change, but I have also realized that life is too short to just shut people out. I have reconnected already with some old friends and I hope to continue soon. 

04. Clean Out My Closet.
I'm a clean freak, but recently I haven't been on my game. It's been so hectic that I still need to tackle my closet and drawers. Especially since I'm leaving for college, I need to find some stuff! Better to start now I guess. 

05. Get Crafty.
I am always looking for cheaper ways to make my life easier. If there's a will, there's a way. I love getting my hands dirty and creating cool things from Pinterest for my room. Especially for my dorm room, I have a couple ideas up my sleeve that I want to share with all of you later in the season. 

06. Appreciate the Moments I Get with Friends and Family.
I tend to hideaway in my room a lot and work on homework or my writing and this summer I really want to just turn off my electronics and go enjoy the moments I have with my friends and family. Even more because many of my best friends are going to college as well. 

07. Workout and Do Yoga More.
This isn't surprising, but I really want to keep up the daily yoga routine this season. I feel like I haven't been on my game because last year I started a yoga challenge which kept me motivated. I am really hoping that I can do one before I leave for school in the fall. 

08. Be Outgoing.
It's a little cliched and cheesy, but I really want to start being more social and confident when I talk to people. I want to make a lot more friends in college and starting now will really help. I just want to be able to walk up to someone and have a casual conversation and not have to worry about people judging me. Sometimes, I just fake it till I make it. You do what you gotta do!

09. Buy Dorm Room Stuff.
It's the best feeling when you get to totally buy new things for a new room or dorm. I really want to create a matching, Pinterest-like dorm room with my roommate. I just love buying extra crap to design and reinvent a space. Any suggestions to where I can buy awesome dorm stuff, please comment down below!

10. Graduate. 
Kind of a given, but I do want to and hope to graduate. Not that I won't, but I have come a very far way to this accomplishment and I am so happy I get to celebrate it with all of my closest buds. I am just so excited to see what my future will bring. 

What are some of your spring or summer goals?

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