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My style has always been minimal from the gecko. I love when surfaces are neat and clean. I am definitely not a fan of clutter or junk that "looks like decor," but really isn't. I thought I would share one side of my bed to share what I normally put on my bedside table. 

I have actually been inspired by the ever-so-great, Kate La Vie, to show my nightstand. She had a post where she would give advice and tips as to how you can rearrange decor on it for a desired look, which I thought was very creative and original. 

Hanging Prints and Artwork
Above my side table, I have these little prints that I found off of Pinterest and got inspired by Temporary Secretary, another great blogger. She had them hanging from cute wash tape and I found this gold striped tape from the Target Dollar Spot (of course). 

I think these prints can be great to have at college in your dorm or just hanging up in your home or apartment. They really modernize the space and add pops of color to the walls. 

Staying on the Target theme, a lot of what I have on my side table is from Target. I just love that store so much. The "Hello Love" card is also from the dollar section. 

Add Fresh or Faux Flowers
My dad always tells me that "life is too short not to buy yourself flowers" and he is right. I think everyone should purchase themselves a bouquet every now and then. It adds color and makes the place feel less dull. I love how they can make my room smell so fresh. Even picking some from your garden and plopping them into a mason jar can make all the difference to a side table. 
Add a Cute, Organizational Tray or Plate
If you're worried about clutter or where to put your jewelry, lotion, or glasses at night, try to use a decorative tray or dish to store those items. It looks way more organized and put together. I found this little wooden tray at, obviously, Target. 

I love to have my Bath and Body Works Bergamot Mint candle and my cute little foxy relic I got for a birthday one year. If you are unsure of where to put things, trays come in handy and create a space to put that stuff. 
Whenever I look at my side table, I always wonder how I can improve it or make it look better. It will always be a constant change and I will add things and subtract things. The beauty of Feng Shui, "the art of placement" has always been on my mind whenever I look at my room and have doubts about the placing of certain things. Do you guys ever feel that way? 

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