5 Ways to Ace Your Finals

It's that time of year again--finals. We hate 'em, we loathe 'em, but we have to take 'em. I have made a few final exam study guides and survival guides in the past, but I love remaking and modifying them. My studying habits change very often, so I think it's fun to share what new ways to study I find.

Since I have just finished my senior year, I am fully done with school and studying until I start college. However, all underclassmen are still in school and have final exams next week. 
Organize Your Notes and Lessons
What I love to do before I start any studying is to organize all of the worksheets, notes, and quizzes I have taken in the order of the chapters we studied during class. I find it best to use big binder clips or jumbo paper clips to put together everything.

My whole studying experience has been very easy because of how I prepare all of my material before I even start to review.

Highlight Things You Don't Remember
It's never easy looking back at a semester of material and trying to review everything. If you receive study guides from your teachers or even just in your notes, start to look over things that you need more review on.  
Find a Studying Habit
I know it can be extremely hard to get into the groove of studying. Starting to review can seem so difficult and I think it's important to put some time away towards it. I can just start if I put away all of my electronics and shut the door to my bedroom. I need peace and quiet, but sometimes going to a specific place that you don't associate with relaxing, like the library, can be the best habit when studying. You can dedicate a place or even a certain time of day to just studying. 

Take Breaks and Pace Yourself
Cramming is not going to get you the grade you want. It's only healthy to pace yourself when you study. That's why studying way before your exam can give you the most stress free studying habits. It's always a good idea to take breaks in between lessons or subjects to refresh and not overwhelm yourself. 

I know when I study, I don't ever do it for more than two hours in a sitting. I'll go outside or do some yoga to de-stress and take my mind off of all I need to study and projects I might need to finish. You will get the most out of studying if you take and manage your time wisely. 
Use Your Resources
Many schools and the internet have great studying resources that are available for everyone. If you seem to be struggling in a subject, you can always email your teachers or professors to meet up and go over subjects you are unsure about. Most of the time they will be more than happy to help. There are also great websites like vocabulary.com to go over terms and ideas while you are on your phone out and about. It's just a matter of utilizing resources to your advantage.  

I could list more and more things to do when studying, but I think these are really the most important to getting and achieving the desired grade you want. It's so surreal to be done with high school and I am so excited and a little nervous as to how my finals will be like in college next year. I know that these tips will surely help me succeed. I know that many people have their own ways and techniques they like to use for exams, so please feel free to share!


  1. These are great tips, love your marble keyboard btw!

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