Mini Glossier Haul

This past month I have finally caved in and bought some Glossier products to try out. I really haven't been buying new makeup, but I have been hearing a lot of great things about these products across the internet. I have been drawn to how minimal and sleek all of the packagings are. Glossier is one of those minimalist brands and I really appreciate it. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup anymore, these products are more than enough. 
The first product I bought was the Coconut Bomb Dot Com Universal Skin Salve. Now, I was never really a fan of salves or Vaseline type products, but this salve isn't as oily or sticky as some that I've tried in the past. I mostly use it on my lips, but this is really moisturizing on knuckles and elbows, too. 

I especially love the coconut scent. I'm curious to try out the rose and the mint scented one. I have added this to my nighttime ritual and can't go to bed without putting a bit on! I think the size of this is perfect because a little goes a long way. 
The last product I got was the Cloud Paint in Beam. I am really drawn to orange or coral shades for my cheeks, so this was a great purchase. I was always hesitant with cream blushes and pigments, but this one really blends in well and again, a small amount goes a far way. I kind of wished I bought the Puff shade, which is like a cotton candy pink. However, this one really brings warmth to the face and looks amazing with bronzer. 

These products are so versatile and that's something I adore about the brand. You pay a considerable amount for a product that has multiple uses—and they're really great! I get drawn to every new product they release. I'm excited to try more and you should too! Have you tried Glossier?


  1. I have been really tempted to try Glossier for ages now and you've definitely persuaded me even more! I really want to try the balm dot com but I really don't know what shade, perhaps coconut as that sounds amazing! Lovely post x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. I was the same way! I really try not to wear a lot of makeup and the products are so minimal, but can be used for many things which I love!! The coconut smells amazing! X

  2. I don't wear blush much but also picked up the cloud paint in beam, and i've found it so easy to wear! I also now have three of the balm dotcoms and am really loving them! I'd love to try the priming moisturiser next!


    1. I really want to try more of the balms!! And some of the other products they have like the primer and cleanser! X


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