A Perfume for Everyone | Jo Malone Collection

I have become a pretty big Jo Malone fanatic and I have been loving the scents that Jo Malone offers in the collection. It's been hard for me over the past couple of years to find scents that I truly love and can see myself constantly wearing and liking. I think I have found a couple of my signature scents.

Now, I like a number of different notes and scents when it comes to perfumes, but there are a lot that I don't like in particular. I love light florals and fruits, but I do not like rose or extremeley sweet fruit scents that are sickening to smell. I don't want to smell like a 12 year old's PINK body spray blew up in their locker. I'm passed that now, haha. I love notes of peony, sandalwood, citrus, and jasmine. These two perfumes really stood out to me. 
Peony and Blush Suede
This one is probably my all time favorite. I know a lot of beauty bloggers rave over this and claim that it's their favorite, too. It has notes of red apple and jasmine. It's a very fresh and flirty scent. I love it especially in the spring and summer. It's warm and sweet. Just two sprits will do and the staying power is amazing. 

Pomegranate Noir
This is my newest addition to the Jo Malone family. It is more of a warmer and spicier perfume. This has a balance of pomegrante, plum, and raspberry. It also has notes of pink pepper and spicy woods. This is a perfect fall and winter scent. I would say that it is a bit muskier and stronger, but is sexy and sophisitcated as well.

I'm sure that my collection will grow and I want to continue to smell all of the great scents in the range! There's probably a scent for everyone. I would definitely recommend going into the store and trying a few out to see which is perfect for you! The 1oz bottles are just the right amount because one or two sprits goes a very long way. Have you used a Jo Malone perfume before? 


  1. I love the sound of Pomegranate Noir!

    xo, Elisabeth

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