Getting My First Tattoo

Part of me is still kind of in shock, it was only two weeks ago when I thought about getting a tattoo. Never did I ever think I would go through with it at this young. I'm 18, so it's totally legal and up to me, but part of me still can't believe it happened. I texted my best friend and told her Miami was when I was going to get it and that's it. It was only going to go down then and there. At the time only my roommates and my two best friends knew. I was not planning on telling anyone in my family, partly because I didn't want their opinion to sway my thoughts or decision on it. 
When I was thinking of what to get and where to get it and how I was gonna get it, I knew I wanted my first tat to be small and minimal. Excuse my arm hair haha. I ended up picking out a waning crescent and just a simple black outline. I was going to get stars, but the tattoo artist and I decided we just liked the moon. There's no specific significance of it, I just liked it a lot. I think that's a very viable reasoning for getting something you like and won't regret later. 

I'm interested in space and I read online that the waning crescent symbolizes getting rid of the bad stuff in your life, so I guess I'll have that on my wrist as a reminder. As for where I wanted it, I originally thought my ribs would be a good place, but my best friend suggested a place like my wrist so the pain wouldn't be so bad. And it wasn't for the most part. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I described the pain as a pen vibrating and scratching your skin for like two minutes. 
I would recommend for other people who are getting their first tattoo to find a quality place that knows what they're doing. I had a great experience at this place called Oriana Tattoo in Miami, Florida and my artist's name was Ruben. Super sweet and made my whole tattoo experience relaxed and comfortable. He was open to ask me about designs and help me with taking care of it after that. 

I know that tattoos can be a controversial topic for some people and put permanent ink on your body is something that should not go unconsidered and well thought out. They're basically wounds in your body so I would make sure that it's something you really want and talk to people who have experienced it and are knowledgeable about the process. 

My whole family was not extremely surprised. My mom thought I was joking and my dad was like, "whaaa", but they all seem to like it and where I put it. My sister has a couple tattoos, so I guess they weren't as new to it as I thought they would be. This might be my eye-opening to getting more tattoos in the future, who knows. Getting it will be a moment I will have forever. 


  1. I have an arrow tattoo on my wrist and it's a constant reminder that sometimes life will pull you back, only to propel you forwards. I didn't tell anyone either other than my best friend for the same reason but over time people have come to fall in love with it, especially when I tell them the reasoning behind it. I love your tattoo so much - I've been thinking about getting either a moon or a sun tattoo myself. x

    1. That’s such a lovely tattoo! I love the simplicity and message behind it! I really wanted my best friend to get a sun so we would be like the same, but opposite haha! Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely happy about how it went! X


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