April Goals.

I hope all of you have had relaxing spring breaks and spring holidays. I ate maybe too much candy and ham, but I feel like everyone deserves to treat themselves when they're on break. I've started a new quarter with new classes and I am eager for spring and warmer weather. Sadly, Chicago never gets warm, so I'm wishing on mother nature to bring in some sun. I've realized a few things I want to get done and accomplish this month before the end of school arrives. 

01. I've been very lacking on exercising, and I blame that on spring break a bit and my trip, but I am really wanting to get more motivated to go workout and do more than just cardio at the gym. I'm missing out on yoga since I froze my membership, so I am interested in trying out some different fitness classes and have to push myself to go this month. 

02. I'm excited about my new classes this quarter, I'm taking a Buddhism class and a caveman class! When do you get to do those? I have been really interested in all things Buddha like yoga, so I am excited to learn more about the religion since it is a requirement for my degree. And also, cavemen? Neanderthals? My freshman focal point is also a requirement for graduation and I just happened to choose it. I've always been curious about evolution and anthropology; this class will definitely be engaging every session. 
03. My goal this month is to also visit more family and see people that I need and want to see. I would say that I make it a priority even if I'm the only one traveling to see people that I care about and spend a lot of time with them. I just had some family friends over this past weekend and I missed them so much. Now that I can travel alone, there's no big reason for me not to besides financial things and school. 

04. Now that I am more comfortable at college, I have realized that I am really strict with myself sometimes and I don't say yes to things much. Not bad things, but I never stay at school on the weekends enough to develop more connections or relationships because I work when I go home sometimes. I need to let loose sometimes (without losing my dignity or integrity at that). I just need to go with the flow more and be more spontaneous—what I learned from my recent trip to Miami. 

05. This month I also want to not worry so much about what other people are doing. I know it's kind of cliche or very written about, but lately, I have been looking for places to live next year, worrying about not having a roommate, doing internships, studying abroad, and working. There's been too much on my mind about the future as school comes to an end, and I can't believe it. I have to gear my focus back to my work and what I am currently doing. 

I know these are only a few things that I may have stressed in the past, but I want the start of spring to be relaxed and not as high strung as winter was. I think this will be my only post for this week to refreshen my inspiration and my overall mood at the beginning of this last quarter. What things do you do to refresh your mind? 


  1. The two classes sound really interesting and intriguing - I hope you will do a post on them at some point because I would love to know what they involve. xx

    1. They are! I am thinking of doing a college classes themed post in the near future. Both are very history based and there's a lot that I didn't know about evolution or even the religion itself. It's empowering to find something to learn about and get a different perspective of how things came to be! X


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