A Pup-date

It has been almost 8 months since we got this beast and I have to say, he's still growing and growing. I thought it was time to update you all on our not-so-puppy dog. It's been a wild few months having him in our family and we all love him very much. 

There are things that we've noticed in him that remind us of our old dog, Rigly, and he brings us so much joy. When he's not tearing up a shoe or drinking out of our bathroom toilet, he's honestly one of the sweetest pooches out there. 
Cooper is probably 70-80 pounds of mischief and dirty socks. I swear he's gotten into almost all of our laundry baskets and garbage cans. We've also had to puppy proof our home and get him baby gates to keep him in the kitchen when we can't watch him 100% of the time. It's funny because I call it his exhibit because you never know where he's hiding or sleeping: under the table, on the carpet,  or behind the counter. 

He's at that awkward stage in his life where he's still very much a puppy, but his body is growing at an odd rate. His head is still pretty small for his body, as well as, his legs. His torso is probably all fully grown, but he's still very low to the ground. He reminds me of a mini pony. 

He does this really cute thing when you come home, he gets all excited and nose dives into your lap then does some tap-dance sort of thing before it's too late and he's already happy-peed on your foot. In order for us to tame his excitement all the time, we take him to our nearby park and run him on the baseball field until he gets extremely tired and sleeps all day—you know, what a puppy should do. 
He's still a bit teethy or mouthy, so we have been keeping an eye on him when he gets really riled up. Every now and then he will just start attaching to your sleeve and will whip his head back and forth. I know he just wants attention, but sometimes it hurts...a lot. There are other times he wants our attention and he'll go to his water bowl and start kicking the water out of his dish just for someone to notice him, I've never related to something so much. I just wished he had another way of showing it. 

Cooper will remain a mystery until we learn and he learns that not every single item he sees is a chew toy. I guess that's what comes with raising a pup. They're unpredictable but insanely cute, so I guess he's okay. Other than that, he's fitting nicely into our family and I'm excited to bring him on more adventures during the summer. 


  1. Awwwwww our goldens are the same age! My Winnie's head seems too small for her body too...hopefully it catches up soon!


    1. Omg aren’t they adorable!! Cooper is the same way! His head and legs are still too small! So cute tho! X


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