Perfect Spring Fragrances

While I try to embrace the beginning of Chicago spring, I've lately been drawn to a lot of floral scents even though my city has lack of flora to be seen. Perfumes and finding scents I like can be very hard because I don't want anything too strong and I'm very particular with what type of flower it is or what other notes the perfume has in it. I'm still trying to decide my favorite perfume, as the Jo Malone peony and blush suede is high up on the list, I have a couple other favorites that I can't put down. 
This first perfume is the Daisy by Marc Jacobs which I know is a classic and very popular perfume choice for many women. I would say that this perfume is on the sweeter side of the spectrum as it has notes of strawberry as well as jasmine and violet leaves. I love it when a perfume can be balanced with fruit so you don't get that overly dramatic wave of grandma that I truly despise in a perfume (sorry grandmas). It is very feminine and is the perfect flirt for any occasion. 
The next scent that I have been reaching to lately is this Michael Kors Rio de Janeiro perfume. It leaves a springy and summery scent. The notes are mango, honeysuckle, and jasmine. I'm obsessed with anything mango scented. It reminds me of being on the beach and enjoying the summer rays. It also has a nice blend of fruity and floral which makes this perfume not as overpowering. 

I think these two will be on my perfume tray for a while as I hope the sun actually comes out sometime soon. Perfume and wearing specific scents always bursts my mood depending on the day. What's your spring scent this season? 

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