Spring Break Carry On Essentials

So, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but I planned a St. Patrick's Day trip to Miami, Florida with my best friend. It was such a spontaneous idea and we both have spring breaks off together. It will be my first trip alone and I am so excited for it. We are headed to the beach and my list has gradually gotten bigger. Today, I have a few carry on items specifically for the beach or tropical vacations! 

I get really excited for trips and packing is one of my favorite things to do. I know a lot of people think it's tedious and annoying, but something about planning outfits and packing only the essentials seems really fun to me. This trip will only be a carry on trip because it will save me a lot of money and I won't be there long. 
I'm not one to have an abundance of swimsuits just because I don't see the point of having a ton of cheap ones. I've always been on the lookout for nice and quality bikinis and to my surprise, Target came through yet again. 

I only really buy tops because I just have one nice pair of black bottoms that go with everything. I bought this extremely adorable embroidered halter neck swim top and have fallen in love with all of Target's new swim range. I would highly recommend checking it out. They have a large variety of trendy styles, colors, and styles. 
These green and gold round Raybans have been on my wishlist for quite some time lately and I finally found the perfect pair on Poshmark. Poshmark is a buy and sell fashion website/app and it has been an addictive obsession. These are the most classic pair of sunglasses and give off 70s vibes for real. I'm putting these babies on as soon as I land in paradise. 
A few beauty products might be essential on a carry on a flight. I always make sure I have some type of roll-on perfume to freshen up and the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Now roll on that is fresh and fruity. Perfect for a beach vacay. Then I always pack some sort of lip care because I need to have moistened lips, especially in a dry and stale aircraft. The Kiehl's Lip Balm is an unscented goddess of a lip saver. 

As a hair refresh, dry shampoo is always a go-to. The one I have been loving the most recently has been the Herbal Essences Bio Renew and it smells so fresh and clean. I never like cucumber scented anything, but this combination has my hair smelling so nice and doesn't weigh or leave oil around when I wake up. 
I went ahead and made an investment purchase. I bought the new Apple AirPods and I am in love with them. I was hesitant at spending my money on a small pair of wireless headphones, but I caved and I do not regret it one bit. I can switch between devices, make calls, use Siri to text, listen to music and videos, exercise better, and the charging life is so great. I considered Beats, but not having any cord at all is great. I haven't lost them and I've had them for a good three months. These are great for travel. 

I am so excited for my trip and will definitely be taking photos. I don't plan on bringing my camera, but my phone can do just fine. I know this isn't everything I need to bring on my trip, but just a couple little gadgets and essentials I find make the trip worthwhile. What are your spring break plans?


  1. I love the swimwear top - I wish it was available in the UK too! We don't have spring break over here, just Easter break, which is a lot of studying ready for exams in May so I am incredibly jealous of your trip as it sounds incredible. xx

    1. Haha thank you! I'm sure there is a similar top like it out there! I never knew that! I just assumed people went on holiday whenever lol My final exams are this week and then I'm outta here! Florida here I come! XX