An Ambitious Summer Update | Yoga Challenges, Travel & More

So far summer has really picked up the pace. I have already gone on three big trips and it's almost the middle of July. I think it's amazing how time flies and I'm really trying to take advantage of all the time I have this summer since I go back to school in September. 

You have probably noticed that my blog schedule has been flux over the past month—with travel, more nannying, and being all over the place, I've set my writing on the back burner and just gone with the flow for a bit. It's summer and I need to pace myself a bit more. Also, I want to be more ambitious and motivated in doing things and achieving things I want to in the future. 
That said, I have really gotten back into my yoga regime and went literally every single day this week. I'm doing the same yoga challenge I did a couple times already to get to forty classes by the end of the summer. I'm at like 15, so I gotta pick up the pace a bit.

Corepower, my yoga studio, offers spin classes. I am really trying to push myself to get into cardio more. This summer has really been about improving my mental state more than ever and to get prepared for this upcoming school year. While the traveling bug has come and I seem to be hopping from one destination to the next, I need time for myself and everyone else does, too. 
There's a lot more going on this summer and it's really only the beginning. I am hoping to get my blogs back up and producing more content for you guys. I'm really excited to share with you all a photoshoot my best friend and I went on this past month. I want to focus on body positivity and changing your mindset on who you are and things like that!

I need to move forward on a good foot and apply myself more than usual. It seems like I might be doing a lot at times, but I always believe that I just haven't done enough at times. 

Especially with writing for the blog, I've been a little unsatisfied with the way my motivation and persistence has been with it. I'm going everywhere and doing so many things, it can be overwhelming. How do you all find your groove at times when you need the most motivation?  


  1. Your photos are so pretty. I would love to take up yoga - it is meant to be so good for the body and mind x


    1. Why thank you so much! That truly means a lot because I've been struggling with it for a bit. Yoga is my soul and love—I would def recommend it to everyone. X


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