How I Began to Love Interior Design

There's something about having a fully decorated place to call yours really satisfying and gratifying. When I was 7 years old, I was changing and organizing this very room probably three to five times a day. It might seem like I'm overexaggerating, but if you ask anyone that knows me, I love to organize and decorate. 

I would spend hours trying to figure out where I liked my cute Target baskets on my shelf or how I wanted to place my Zac Efron poster next to my hot pink butterfly chair. My neighbors even paid me to organize their kid's rooms. They would be relieved when I came over because they knew I would change something or help clean up my friend's rooms. It was just something I loved and continue to love. 

It started with lining up my Bratz dolls on my bookshelf and limited to the half of the room when my sister and I shared it. I had a small twin bed, the current dresser and side table, the Ikea shelf I still have, and a small cherry print rug. My design ideas were very censored by how much space I had and what my sister would and wouldn't allow me to add to it. You can say I was pretty flustered. 
When my sister eventually moved out of my room (thank the lord), I had some very important decisions to make. My room has been three colors throughout my childhood. That's a lot of paint for a kid. However, each color was a stage in my life and I grew out of them and tired of staring at banana yellow and dark periwinkle. I recently painted it this mint or seafoam and have decided that it will stay for awhile. 

I added my personal touches with cheap Dollar Tree knick knacks and crap that I've either donated or sold at garage sales by now, but at the time, I didn't have any money and it gave me something to do—hound my dad to go to the Dollar Tree all the time. I probably have spent more than the average kid on room decor. Even in my dorm room. There's just something about the little details that make me love designing and getting to call a space my own. 
My style has definitely developed over the course of my childhood. When I was little, I used to love rainbows and bright colors. When I got into my young teens, I was all about Parisian style. Paris prints everywhere, hot pink and purple, a black and white baroque rug, matching pillows, a metal Eiffel tower, everything. I think in High School I really got sick of it all. 

I got obsessed with the "millennial pink" and rosegold phase, glad I didn't paint my room pink and wanted something more modern and mature. As my mom calls my room the "spa" room, for reasons I don't know why it's definitely different than what it used to be. I love metallics and minimal touches. Geometric pastel prints, industrial-looking decor, furniture, and just a more modern feel. I know my style will change in the future as trends change, but that's okay with me because it means more trips to Target and Home Goods. 
People ask me what I want to do when I get out of college and to be honest, anything in Interiors would be a dream. If I could design spaces or get into any field of recreating spaces, I know I would love it. I took interior design in High School and would go past due dates to perfect floor plans and dream boards. My sister even says I should just become a professional organizer, but something with a little more "oomph" might be better for me. 

My ideas go as far as my wallet will allow me. As a college student on a budget, I've found it hard to finance things I want to create or make, but Youtube and other bloggers have reimagined inexpensive and practical ways to find pieces and interior accents for pennies less, and that might be something I want to do in the future as well on the blog. 

Even if you are just getting into interiors or are just fascinated by it and want to redecorate, it truly is not as hard or as costly as you think. Even just a can of spray paint can go a long way. I will always be changing my mind about the rooms I'm in and get to change, but because living in a space should be more than just living—it's a direct expression of yourself and that's something I will never forget when I decorate and design. 

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