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My skincare has been evolving and changing all the time recently and with the warm summer heat, my skin changes and tends to get more oily and high maintenance than normal. I'm more of a fan of skincare products than I am makeup, but I still need to be careful when I try out new products because my skin reacts to so much that I never know if it will work or break me out even more. 
On my way through the tempting kiosks in Sephora to check out, I spotted the Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo. I've always heard good things about Tatcha, but couldn't dare spend so much on a full size, singular product. I mean I'm a college student, so $50 dollars on a face product isn't where I should be really spending my money. However, this duo was only $25 dollars, so I decided it was time to try them out.

Now I actually bought this because I was really interested in trying out the moisturizer. The cleanser, though, impressed me way more. I loved how the cleanser had a fruit exfoliant and the way it reduces my breakouts really shows. 
While the moisturizer is rather light and smooth, I didn't notice so much hydration afterward. I think I can get even more hydration from my Simple moisturizer which is one of my all-time favorites. I don't know, there's something to be said about high-end skincare, but I really think you can get the same results and products for far less at the drugstore. 

Maybe it's my inability to really differentiate between brands, but I've had great experiences with other products half the price. The packages are small and there's hardly a lot of product between the two. I'm on the lookout for more products to try out as usual, but I'm not so sure that I would revisit Tatcha. What do you think about high-end versus drugstore skincare products? 


  1. I've heard great things about Tatcha, but I'm reluctant in getting any high-end skincare products. The last time I owned something high-end, it resulted in extreme oiliness and breakouts :( But, I guess I might give this brand a try!

    - nicole / www.nicolesmind.com

    1. I totally hear you! I am too! It's hard because broke college students can't afford high-end skincare! X


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