Joanna Gaines's Hearth and Hand Collection Isn't All Crap

I am an ever-so faithful Gaines family fan and a lover of their former HGTV show, "Fixer Upper".  I watch it religiously. Chip and Joanna Gaines, proud Waco, Texans are probably one of the most well known interior design couples across America. Joanna just came out with her new "Homebody" interiors book and I have just recently finished their autobiography, "The Magnolia Story," about their backgrounds and creation of their, now famous, Magnolia brand.

Today I wanted to talk about Joanna Gaines's collaboration with Target and her Hearth and Hand collection she came out with last year. I always gravitate towards her display whenever I walk into the place. The collection includes a wide range of home decor pieces, kitchenware, officeware, and home improvement items like paint and tools. It's evident that these products reflect Joanna's sleek, modern, and rustic style. She also continues to keep up to date on seasons and rotates product specifically catered to holidays and specific color palettes. 

What I really appreciate is the fact that all of her items are affordable. I've read all of her blogs and clicked on all of the links to furniture and decor items that she's used in homes and they're just outstandingly expensive and ridiculously priced rugs or vases. So, it's refreshing and really nice that a college student like me can add a touch of Joanna into my space without having to break the bank. A lot of the decor probably ranges from $15-$50. Something a young person obsessed with interior design and decor can manage. 
I haven't purchased a lot from her collection, though. My two items that I bought was this sage colored Storage Box and this Padfolio folder and notepad. Both of which I enjoy a lot. Coincidentally, both of them were on sale because they were rotating to the fall collection items and I happened to stroll upon them at perfect timing. This sage color is probably my favorite shade of green and the box was only like six bucks. It's perfect for storing anything and everything, while making your desk or shelf space look neat and put together. 

My favorite item of all the things she has in her office collection is this little padfolio guy. I was looking for a more professional looking folder anyway to keep all of my important school documents, business cards, and notes in. It also comes in a bigger size! It was on clearance for only seven dollars and I had to have my hands on it—get it Hearth and Hand. Sorry, I just got excited over a folder. It's been great though. I take it to important meetings and it makes you feel professional when you pull this bad boy out. 
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Joanna has just launched the Christmas holiday collection and there are variances of texture with woods, metals, and warm fabrics. Flannel inspired stockings, lots of greens and earthy tones, and an overall feeling of "home" that makes her collection so inviting. 

One thing I do have to say is that with her very eclectic range of items, there are many items that I think probably shouldn't have been added to collection. Obviously, ranges like these have certain items people really love and people don't care for as much. I noticed that a lot of the same product in multiple Targets were being marked down such as some of the small decorative candle holders and vases and goat statues and relics—also known as "crap". I know that Joanna put a lot of personality into the project, so I applaud her for staying authetic to her farm roots, but I don't think many people really cared for the metal goat bookends. At least I didn't. 
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However, many of her items are fully functional: the plates, dishes, towels, baking tools, paint, books, folders, lamps, and everything else is pretty much designed with intended usage. I mean, that's one of Joanna's motto when creating spaces anyway—keeping spaces tasteful and functional. So, I'm sure her intention behind the products were geared towards families like her own that just want a place that emulates the personality and coziness of home. I get the goats, alright. 

She also competes with other Target interior decor brands that I've also purchased items from like Threshold and Project 62. Threhold has more of a traditional style and Project 62 is modern. So, Joanna's line definitely stands out with the farmhouse chic, industrial vibe. She's not afraid to mix patterns, texture, metals, foliage, but keeps her brand cohesive and individual from the rest I've seen at Target. 
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My support and devoted admiration for her comes from her value of family, as well as, establishing her own personality through a brand. She is fearless when it comes to design making decisions and that's what inspires me the most about her. I also adore her work ethic, creative intentions, authenticity, and realness when it comes to her idea of simply living and thriving at a place you can call home. Also, I'm in love with her cute family. I'm definitely a "Homebody" and I know you are, too. 

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