My 5 Motivating Winter Break Goals.

I hope everyone has had a really nice and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday—I spent it stuffing my face, sleeping, and stuffing my face some more. For lack of a post on Thursday, since it was Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to kind of reiterate some goals I want to set for this winter as my fall quarter has officially come to a close and I am on break until January. It's a little weird with my college because we have ten week quarters with no breaks in between and our winter break is like six weeks long. 

It can be so initimidating when you have so much free time. As some of you know, I need to keep doing things, creating, and producing otherwise I get into a low place of doubt, worry, and just a feeling of unproductivity when I have so much time on my hands to do nothing. So, I thought it was only right to make a few ideas of things I want to get done while I have all this time over break, as well as, enjoy it because I know I won't get off time like this in the future. 

For some college students, especially those who live in the city, don't really go home for break due to a desire of freedom, a job, an internship, more classes, or what have you. However, since I live so close to home, it makes sense for me to just go home and see people I want to see and not have to worry about groceries or getting around the city during our heinous blizzards. So, here are my goals:
01. Get in touch with people from school. 
I think last time I was home, I never really reached out to many people from my highschool or even college for that matter. I have some friends who are staying in the city over break, so it would be nice for me to go visit them and do some touristy things over Christmas time in the city with them. Also, I think a lot of people feel like they need to see absolutely everyone they know over winter break, but I'm just talking about some of my good friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Catching up is my favorite thing. 

02. Eat healthier.
I would say for the most part I am a healthy eater, but lately I haven't been paying much attention to it. More recently I've noticed that I kind of treat myself more than I should. I think everyone should eat a pizza, buffalo wings, or whatever they want to every now and then, but my eating habits have not been as controlled as they usually are. Maybe it's a good thing though that I haven't been worrying constantly about food, but I know overbreak and being home with endless food availability it can be so tempting. 

03. Read books. 
This is a big goal for me because I truly have not read a full book since high school. Yes, I've read articles and magazines, skimmed some books for class, but I haven't sat down and actually enjoyed reading something I like. It's so hard for me to find books I like, however, recently I became serious about this and went to my library (yeah they still exist), looked at the Barnes and Noble best sellers on my phone, chose You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and I'm already 168 pages in. That is an accomplishment for me. I really enjoy self-help books and guides because they emulate the type of writing and reading that I can benefit from and what better motivater to get inspired to live my life the way I intend on it. 

04. Apply to things. 
So, I have plans. Big future plans; ambitions and goals and things I want to do, see, and accomplish. There are so many things I want to do with the time being in college, so over break I will be applying for a study abroad program in Europe, an oncampus job for next year, and many scholarships that are gonna help me realize these goals because I got nothing in my pockets except a craving for travel and curisosities of the unknown. It's my time to take the risk and leap, no matter how broke I'll be, and just go for it. 

05. Let go of future anxieties. 
I mainly dwell on the future and what my decisions will entail before me—I hate this part about myself, honestly. I'm so sick of my thoughts wandering into holes of despair and just internal suckiness. I wish I never thought like this, and especially when I have a lot of time off and I'm not doing anything, I get to this state. I'm aware of when I'm extremely worrisome and I know it doesn't serve me at all. There are things I can't control and there's no point in trying to prevent them, fix them, or obsess. 

I could go on and make a bigger list of things I want to do, but hey, it's a break for a reason, so I'm not gonna put so much on my plate and actually relax for most of it and be present with my friends and family that I get to see. Vacations and holidays are great, but overworking yourself and not rewarding or granting yourself time off can suck the life out of you really. I don't plan on posting as much within the next month and leading up to Christmas and New Years, but do expect content! I'll be writing for sure, just leisurely and at my own pace. I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season! 

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