My Newfound Love for Glossier

Glossier has really caught my eye lately and has resonated with my love for a natural and minimal makeup look. I really haven't been shopping for makeup like I used to, but when the Glossier pop-up shop came to Chicago, I was inclined to go check it out with one of my friends. I've really loved the "your skin, but better" look where my imperfections aren't entirely invisible and you can see my face still. I also love subtle pigment and color, so I was happy to find a couple of products that I use a lot and love. 
Lidstar Eyeshadow in Cub- I was in the mood of finding a new copper-toned eyeshadow and Glossier had the perfect treat for me! I absolutely despise creasing shadow. Even when I apply primer, sometimes I find my eyeshadows getting oily throughout the day. I was pleased to find out that the Lidstars are basically like primers and act as an eyeshadow base if you want it to. I love the shimmery sparkle it gives and the doe foot applicator makes it easier for me to apply on my fingertips and build the color if I want. 

Boy Brow in Brown- I'm always a sucker when it comes to eyebrow products. I have heard the hype on the boy brow and see why it is so popular and loved. It basically does everything you could want in a brow product. It thickens, fills, and grooms your brows all in one. I have crazy eyebrows and when I wake up sometimes they need as much grooming as my hair does, so this is my go-to product and I can't leave the house without it. 

Have you tried out Glossier? I think I'll have to put some products on my Christmas list for this year. 

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