3 Stationery Must-Haves for College

As you all may know, stationery has been one of my favorite things to talk about and include in many of my posts: all things postcards, note cards, planners, calendars, the whole lot. Just this past weekend I had an amazing experience with my Public Relations Student Society with my college and attended our regional conference downtown Chicago. 

As a way to immerse myself in the professional realm, I’ve been able to have the opportunity to network with some notable PR firms such as Edelman, Ketchum, and Golin, and well established brands like Mars Wrigley, Hyatt, and RXBar. Now this may not be something every college student thinks about, but as someone who loves stationery and written mementos, I wanted to express how important it is to have especially when networking with professionals in the future workplace.
I got the pleasure of working with Basic Invite to create my own personalized stationery to use when I go on future business site visits with my college group. A little background about Basic Invite is that they are a high quality, online stationery company on business cards, thank you notes, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, and all of life’s grand moments. Some of their very recent releases of stationery include graduation commencement invitations, specifically their princess graduation invitations, and graduation party invitations as the graduation season is nearing around the corner. Keep reading for a discount!

Out of all the stationery websites I’ve encountered, Basic Invite is the first to have unlimited color selections, and man was it hard to decide what color palette I was going for, but I’m quite pleased with the pastel blues and pinks I chose—they compliment each other very nicely. They also provide custom samples of their products to make sure the design is exactly the way you like. Basic Invite allows you to have the liberty of uploading your own logo and images, as well.

Business Cards

I always thought that having business cards was only something that really serious business people have. My presumption was that business cards could only be really basic, sophisticated, and lack personality. Well, I was wrong. Many young professionals and college students, especially in public relations, have them. To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed by the idea of having business cards—I mean, I don’t necessarily work for a business.

However, I’ve learned that promoting your own personal brand to other businesses and networking through the use of business cards makes all the difference. Employers will really appreciate the initiative and professionality of someone who knows how to self promote. Basic Invite has an abundance of business cards templates to choose from and you can upload your own logos and images to your styling and personal brand. Here, is the template I used to create mine! I love the two toned chevron print and the black and white photo I was able to add for a bit of a personal touch. They also have metallic foil options, too.

Thank You Notes

Over the past few months of going on professional site visits, I’ve noticed that some people give hand written thank you notes to employers and staff. I think this is really effective in getting your name out there to be remembered and to also be courteous when these professionals are taking time out of their busy work day to share their experiences with you. Handwritten sentiments are also great ways to making closer connections with people since we live in a media focused world.

I designed these simple, yet classic thank you notes on their website and love the vibrancy and quality of the cardstock. You can choose from a huge selection of colors, patterns, and include custom notes and your name on them, too. Feel free to explore Basic Invite’s wide variety of cards. I’m loving the Chicago skyline especially!

Personalized Notecards

It can be really handy to have your own note cards, especially if you’ve established your own brand. Some may say it’s a little extra to have your name on everything, but I think it’s very stylish and who cares? I was very pleased with the note cards I ordered. I was amazed by the selection of stationary on Basic Invite and how they cater to so many events, not just business related. I know that having customized stationery isn’t for everybody, but if you are as obsessed as I am, I would really recommend using Basic Invite for all your stationery needs. Being truly honest, these pieces were delivered in less than five days, the picture quality is great, and the cards are crisp and sturdy.
For college students who are professionally driven or who are looking for ways in which they can amp up their networking skills, acquiring some personalized stationery really makes the difference. It expresses your genuine self, adds character, makes you remembered, and ultimately allows you the freedom of designing and cultivating an authentic personal brand that speaks to you.

If you would like to explore more of Basic Invite, you can connect with their social media: Follow their Instagram and Facebook @basicinvite. Also, since I know it’s hard to spend money as a college student, Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off your purchase with this promo code: 15FF51 applied at checkout.  

I recieved monetary compensation for this post.

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