8 Easy Ways to Sort Your Messy Life Out

My hopes for spring are far much higher than many others, but I think we can all agree that winter has played out for far too long. I'm done wearing the same pair of jeans and chelsea boots for the season. Spring itself just reminds me of sunnier days, birds chirping in the morning, that crisp warmth in the air that hugs you especially when it's about to rain. I just love spring. It's a chance to start anew and many people enjoy this sense of revitalization and get in the mood of sorting out their life after hibernating for so long. 

There are many things I want to accomplish and do, and some of those I have put on the back burner until finals are over and I'm on spring break finally, but I also recognize that there are just some things in life we can't constantly "clean" out to make them resolve. As much as I believe that a clean space means a clean mind, life happens. Nonetheless, cleaning and organzing your life out can really be a lot of fun. It's not for everyone, but taking baby steps forward makes all the impact.

01. Let Go
In the wise words of Elsa, "Let it go," and I mean all of it. Whatever you are holding onto from winter just acknowledge its presence in your mind and gratefully forget about it and move on. Sunnier days are ahead and there's no point in chaining yourself to whatever doesn't serve you in this moment forward. Easier said than done, but worth the mental effort. 

02. Erase Your Inboxes
I'm one of those people who just always subconsciously deletes old conversations, emails, downloads, photos—everything. If there are too many conversations going on, old messages I want to forget or leave, weird golden retriever memes and old assignments I have building up in my downloads folder, I just take the time to select all and delete. It's a great feeling, especially after a quarter of school and starting with an empty drive is so satisfying.

03. Reinvent Your Wardrobe
Sure you have a lot of staple items that you love wearing and you're okay with, but maybe it's time to part with some old pieces that you say you are going to wear, but don't. I know the Youtube cleaning and reorganizing videos are all the rage, trust me I've gone down that deep binge watching road, so why not think about downsizing your wardrobe? Selling some clothes? Or giving some of those old pieces the love they deserve? Now is the time to get your sh*t together and open your closet. 

04. Get Your Hair Done
There's something about a new spring do that really makes a girl feel like she runs the world. Whether it be a new cut, a proper wash (if you really nasty), a new color, a new style, whatever! I've found that I look forward to getting my haircuts more now because I make it its own event. I'm still thinking about what I should get done and I'm maybe swaying a little more golden? Who knows!
05. Clean Out Your Purse
I rarely use a purse anymore, especially during school, but over the course of a month, things can pile up pretty quickly in the depths of our handbags. You don't know what kind of bacteria could be growing! You put your purse everywhere and put everything in it, your purse deserves some extra love. Dump it out and toss those gum wrappers, toothpicks, receipts, three month old candy bar, and whatever else you happen to find in there. 

06. Say Yes to One Thing
A great way to refresh your life is to stop saying no to things that make you uncomfortable. It's starting to get warmer, so what's the deal? Your friends want to go out, you need to apply for a new job, book a trip abroad? Bring that positive attitude and commit to those things that make you uneasy, nervous, excited, because honey your life is waiting. 

07. Start a Blog
I actually find myself telling people who are uninspired or conflicted about what they should be doing to just start a blog or some form of written expression. You do not need all the bells and whistles, but who knows, maybe starting a blog will reveal something deeply about yourself or you'll become the next popular beauty blogger? Ha. I wish I was. Keep your mind creative and continue to feed it. Blogging has really helped me find my footing and you should, too. 

08. Commit to Drinking More Water
I remind myself so much that my body will ultimately thank me later for hydrating it. If you plan on working out more in the spring or just want to feel more energized, try bringing at least one bottle of water with you to school or work. You'll find yourself drinking it just because you have it with you. A simple way to cleanse your body and your mind. 

These are just some simple and very doable steps to cleaning out your life, obviously these things won't necessarily make drastic change, but I think that these are great tactics to get you started into springtime and onward. As I finish up my last week of school, I will most likely be taking a blogging break during my final testing week, but will plan to have many things to come as I have the time over spring break to get some sh*t done and published for you guys. What do you do to sort your life out?

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