My April Goals.

Hello April! The month we've all been waiting for and a busy month at that. There is a lot in store for me this month as I'm now looking at my calendar and there seems to be a mark on each day for me. It's the first day back to school and while I've had a very relaxing spring break visiting family, painting Bob Ross, and rejuvenating my calamity in the country side, I'm glad to be back in the city. I think everyone gets a bit antsy this time of year with the sun teasing us with rays and a fresh spring start.

01. One of the things that I have been trying to focus on is this blog and creating content that I'm proud of; that isn't the clichè fashion blogger type posts. I have noticed that I am getting more into lifestyle posts, or at least my tags say so, because I connect with this type of writing more. I have also been needing to take my camera out a bit, I've hidden it away out of pure laziness and a lack of motivation to edit all my photos and I just can't use that excuse because I love my camera and the photos I take on it. 

02. The winter slum is over and that means I need to revamp the way I present myself. Not for anyone, but me, myself, and I. I got very comfortable wearing sweats and Uggs, but sometimes I wish I had the same fashion motivation to take the extra effort, wake up early, and actually add some things to my morning regime. I would say that my daily regime is very low maintenence, but when I do give myself the time, I feel more productive, confident, and an overall sense of "I can do this today," just because I wore jeans or swiped a coat of mascara on. 

03. I don't know if I formally announced, but I will be studying abroad this summer in Europe and this quarter I start my class that coincides with the course. I will be studying international advertising with sixteen other DePaul students who we work with during the quarter. I will be visitng three countries: France, Spain, and The Netherlands for three weeks building my portfolio and conducting team projects while I'm there exploring the culture and gaining a global perspective of the ad industry. This will be my first time leaving the country and I am so excited to be going. I am not sure how I feel about advertising, since my focus is public relations, but having knowledge in both areas will be more than beneficial for my future in the industry. 
04. When I'm not focusing on my blog or school work, I have been very involved in two student organizations at DePaul: Her Campus Media and DePaul PRSSA. I believe that I have mentioned these in the past, but recently I got the opportunity to not only edit for Her Campus, but become one of their social media content creators. This quarter I have had a really fun time playing around with designs for our new flyers and media posts—something I've always kind of loved. Her Campus is mainly an online college run magazine for students to openly express themselves, so being a part of the process and seeing all of the work being done is amazing. 

PRSSA has also brought me onto their executive board this year and we start our first meetings this quarter. This is something that is really important to me professionally and socially. All of the people and connections I've made have been so worthwhile—we're like a big family. It's amazing to see how much talent there is. I will be recruiting new members into the organization and one of my responsibilities is to handle the fall involvement fair. 
05. What's next on the agenda for me is finding an internship to do when I come back this summer. I know it may be a little early to do so, but you can never be too early job searching. I have all the resources I need at school, it's just getting it done and meeting with people to talk more about my options. I really have to tackle the search with an open mind, otherwise I'll be frantically looking for internships next year. I've found that a lot of people luck out on internships because they know a specific person who works for this specific company—it can be very intimidating when everyone around you is a step ahead. So, my goal for this month is to really hone down my search and reach out to my career center to get a head start. Experience is experience, so who knows what might happen? 

April is one of those months when everyone is getting back from their exotic spring break vacations (or stay-cations) and turning their heads back to work and getting things done before summer starts. For me, it's a time of busy-busy and opportunity. I just have to keep my mind focused on things I want to work towards without comparing it to others—remaining authentic. I have a lot of promising things ahead of me and it will be important to remember that. What's on your to-do list for April? 

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