My Fresh Spring Skincare

I usually like to play it safe when it comes to skincare since so many products in the past have not managed to cooperate with my skin, but I was in dire need of a reshuffle and it was about time to switch out my daily cleanser and some moisturizers. I love to try out new products, but I am way more cautious than I was before. Especially now that the season is transitioning, my face isn't as dry or in winter mode anymore. 

When I do try out new skincare products, I like to give them some time to really adjust to my face before I make a final impression. Lately, I've confided in Sephora for skincare and trying out more luxury brands. I still love using my Simple Micellar Water and use it daily as well. There are just a few products I wanted to try out and had some great experiences with. I have been obsessed with the Kiehl's Ultra Oil-Free Facial Cleanser for the past six months. I completely love it over all the gel cleansers and acne treating cleansers I've used before. I'm not entirely sure how I got introduced to this, but it could have been one of the Sephora experts who happened to know exactly what kind of cleanser I was in need of.
I love that it lathers really quickly and isn't a powerfully scented cleanser like some of the Neutrogena ones I have used. It is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling very clean and smooth, no oil to be found on this smiling face! On the topic of Kiehl's, I just scraped out the last of my mini Creme de Corps Lotion that I literally saved this entire time because I enjoyed it so much, I don't know why I haven't just purchased a regular sized bottle. 

After I have cleansed my face, I still continue to moisturize. I received this Evolue Day and Night Cream in a PR package and surprisingly, it has been the only moisturizer I've actually liked in a while. I have been trying to get my skin adjusted to warmer weather, since it was so dry in the winter, and have had problems with moisturizers burning my face. This is a very light, oil-free, cream and makes my skin feel very taut and firm. I also managed to scoop out the smallest amount of Tarte's Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment, that almost felt like a mask for my eyes. I also don't know why it lasted so long, but I would definitely say a little goes a long way. 
The GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Charcoal Mask acts as an emergency life-saver for all my breakouts and bad skin days. This is another sample size, that I wish was more inexpensive regularly, but nonetheless is another superstar product for cleaning out the gunk and gross stuff that sits on your face all day. It also smells minty and fresh and not muddy like some charcoal mud masks do. It's so handy when I'm on the go and traveling, too. Oh GlamGlow, how you do me so well. 
Lately, I have tried to put a little more makeup on, I've noticed my overall mood is better when I do put makeup on and helps to wake me up a bit. When I do look like death some days, I make sure to put on a primer at least to even out my skin and rejuvenate my face where it needs it. This also precedes lots of concealer, so I've tried out this Cover FX Mattifying Primer and it really gives almost like a real-life filtered look. It blurs out imperfections and makes my concealer stay on 4 EVER. It's also an acne treatment—who wouldn't want that? My pores look flawless. 
Personally, I feel like it is very easy to lose optimism when it comes to taking care of your skin and finding products that work best for you. It's been a bit of a journey and my skin is subject to change (you better not). I know I have kind of strayed away from the product endorsing posts, but I think at this point I'm still very open to trying things out and I also know products I already love. 

Spring is a season of changes and maybe that means changing one thing about your skincare regimen.   

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