The Only Manicure You Need This Season.

I have already worn sandals once this month and am determined to wear them again. Since it is starting to warm up, I've been more conscious about my toenails. Something as simple as a nail color can go such a long way when it means you feel more boss-like or put together. This might not be true for everyone, but I definitely get excited when it starts to look pretty out and I can actually wear something other than jeans and boots. 

I have always been on the search for new nail colors and found these pretty Sally Hansen Miracle Gels to try out. When it comes to doing my nails, I definitely do not want to be sitting there for an hour waiting for them to dry only to get up and smear them. Paying for a mani/pedi is also not in the budget, although I would love to just have a monthly treatment, doing it yourself can be just as great. 
Now I have only gotten a gel manicure once, and I quite liked the process, except for the waiting. I just remember sitting there for what seemed like forever. Maybe that's just because I was new to it, or I have no patience, but I also loved the way that it stayed on forever. By "forever," I mean like two weeks or until I got bored with the color. These no UV light, no chip, polishes have been out for quite some time, but I thought why not test it to see just how long they last? Granted, I did not purchase the Miracle Gel topcoat and was very pleased with the results nonetheless. 

This peachy coral, named Koi Coral, is a color I've actually never owned. It's very springy and light. One thing I noticed with the bottles, is that there's a rubber lining on the lid, which makes it so easy to open. I've literally had to pry nail polish bottles open with my teeth before, so I am very grateful these are easy to open. 
The next shade I picked up was After Altar, which I assume is a marriage reference? I'm always curious how companies think of the names ha. Anyway, this one is a nice creamy white color. Almost like an eggshell, I would say. Perfect for your tootsies! I always gravitate towards bright neutrals and whites for my toes during the spring and summer. It's a nice base for glitter and sparkle, too. 

I also picked up this lavender pink shade, because I also do not have a color like this, and fell in love with it. It's called Forever Together. I also really appreciate the flat brush or applicator that comes with it. I always find that they're just the best brushes for polish, I may be partial to having squared nails, but I can swipe once and the whole nail is covered! 
To my knowledge, these colors are not listed on the Sally Hansen website as I was searching for them so I may have bought the last of them at my Target or what have you. I made sure to link them from Amazon, as they still exist out there on the interweb. I know I get so annoyed when a color I love gets discontinued, but hey, that means new polish! There's usually a dupe for just about any color anyway. What's your go-to spring shade?

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