10 Reasons Why I Am Looking Forward to My 20's

I am currently 19 years old and as I watch all of my friends turn 20 and 21 around me, I'm starting to look forward to a new decade. Yes, I still have six more months until I get there, but just recently I have felt very nostalgic and have been remembering moments of my teenage life that just seemed to fly by. In all honesty, I feel like I should just write a book about the concept of time, but that would be too long (granted someone has probably already done it). 

I've heard that your 20s is the time of your life and the period where you really discover who you are. While I like to think that, I believe that your whole life is there for you to constantly change and discover who you are. For one thing, you're legal, so there's that. But something about being in my 20s seems scary and inticing. I haven't felt like I have wanted to be seen as more "adult" or at least since I'm usually the youngest in the room, I haven't felt left out. Maybe it's my mature sense of being. I haven't exhausted my youth and am still anticipating many experiences to come.
01. I have the ability to invest in my future
As a sophomore in college of course I have been thinking about what my future plans are in terms of my career path. As of now, I am really excited with my major and know that I chose the right choice. Being in my 20s will allow me to really think about what I want to begin with and which path I want to take.

02. I will travel as much as I want
Finances aside, I have the liberty to decide if I want to go on trips or not without impending schedules. I hope to do more traveling later on as much as I can while I'm young and without children. Sure, I won't have as flexible as a schedule as I hope, but if all is good with the company I work with, there's gotta be vacation time in there somewhere.

03. My relationship with my family will grow
I wouldn't say that I have a bad relationship with my family at all, but there have been "teen rage" moments that I'm not entirely proud of and I think showing my family, especially my parents, that I am capable of being an adult and on my own will alllow for more bonding and less drama. 

04. I can make big decisions for myself
Yes, I have already made some big decisions for myself, college being one of them, but with my parents in mind of course. When I'm in my 20's, I might be finding my first apartment, first job, first car, on my own. I couldn't think of anything more empowering than knowing that you made the decisions on your own. 
05. I will meet new people
Inevitably, I will be meeting new people all the time and that's the goal for the remainder of my life. Each year I am introduced to someone, at least one person, who makes an impact on my life in some way. It's kind of funny to think about the people I might soon meet and have no idea who or where they are at this moment.

06. I'm allowed to make mistakes because I'm young
Still being in my 20's will allow me to have a security when it comes to making mistakes because, hey, I'm still pretty young and there are a lot of new things for me. Not that these mistakes are okay or I'm validating them, but I think that being in your 20's is a could median "buffer zone" where you're still trying to figure yourself out.

07. I'm more held accountable
With that said, making mistakes also means being responsible for them and my actions. I'm not 15 anymore and I can't just rely on my parents to fix the problem or hand it off to someone else.

08. My Style Will Evolve
My taste in clothes has come a long way, so I am eager to see how drastic my clothing choices change—or don't. Hopefully, they do. I'm not tired of the blue jeans, chelsea boot, look yet, but I hope that my style in my 20s remains fresh and my authentic self. Who knows, maybe I'll actually wear heels.
09. I hope to change my fitness regimes
I've loved doing yoga, don't get me wrong, but I've felt like I need to expand the ways in which I stay active. I just started to box, which is a start, but I also want to maintain my mentality and motivation throughout my 20's while not holding myself accountable for feeling lazy one day. Maybe my eating habits will change, I'll find a new fitness class I love, or I run a race. The possibilities are endless. 

10. My writing journey will prevail
I've felt a lot of pride with how far I've come with my writing, but whether it be with my job or some opportunity, I hope that I will be recognized in some way. I find fulfillment in the growth and improvement I've made, but a little part of me wishes that some big thing will happen with it. A book, a headline, an award, something. 

I'm not in a rush to be 20, as there are many things I'm dealing with now in school and life, but it's bittersweet to think about the opportunities I will have coming my way (and the stress). I think that's why so many people are trying to live more in the now. We are so fixated on deciding our futures that we don't realize the impact that our present day has on us.

These things aren't set and stone, but can be used to refer back to and reflect upon when I am in my 20s. You know, right now as I'm sitting in this local coffee joint, I'm worrying about what research papers I have due, what my roommates are doing, if I'm going to study abroad or not, who knows what I could be worrying about when I'm 20, 25, or 29? Are you excited to be 20? Are you already 20?

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