A Cooper Update

I've been meaning to dedicate a post to my pup for awhile now, granted he is a dog and doesn't care or understand at all, but for everyone that knows him, this is a little update on how he's doing at the moment. He is about 19 months old and will turn two in July. It's funny because in the picture above, he looks like an old man—he's really still a baby. I mean we've improved on the minimal amount of accidents and "happy pees," but he is still very much a puppy and has the energy of the Tasmanian Devil. 

I think the extremely cold weather hasn't gotten to him or bothered him that much, just when we have to take him out to the bathroom because his paws freeze so quickly and he will reject or eat any type of sock or bootie we put on him. So, that was a little concerning when he couldn't poop for two or three days in late January when Chicago got a blast of the polar vortex. Other than that, he loves the snow and anything that flies in the air. He could stand in the snow banks and just chomp chomp chomp all the snow away and stare at me like it's not normal for him to be inhaling this much snow. 

You see, that's the big difference between my dog and many others, his tolerance level is pretty high. My tolerance is not. For example, Cooper can run around our coffee table willingly like 15 times, he can play bite me whenever he feels like it, if you throw the ball he's gone and back again, he will eat basically anything even if it makes him sick, and he'll bark whenever he pleases. The only contrasting trait to this is that he is submissive beyond heck. You could run at him and he'd be on his back waiting for a belly rub. I know some of these things happen because he's so young, and this is a type of energy we never got with my old dog, Rigly, but I think his personality is much different than other goldens I've met. 

Since I am away at college, I miss him during the weeks, but when I come home occasionally to babysit my favorite thing is having him sleep with me on my bed. It's hilarious because he used to be addicted to going on my bed even when I wasn't home, but now he waits until I'm home to sleep with me. My parents say that he sleeps on their bed when I'm away, and my mom very much dislikes it when he does because he basically lays on her. He really doesn't like sleeping alone is what I figured.

Usually we take Cooper to daycare, and saying that word "daycare," is an instant trigger for him. He bounces off the walls and prances down the hall to the back door. My mom and I take him on Fridays, but he'd be fine if we left him there for the weekend. He has a lot of energy, so we enrolled him into the "high energy club," at daycare. It basically means he's in a pen of other dogs who act just like him—a kid on a sugar rush every minute of the day. You bet everyone knows him at daycare. "Hi Cooper," they'd greet us before we even get a minute to tell them who he is.

I call him a meercat because every time he thinks he hears something, usually a leaf or the wind, he pops his head up and usually runs to the front window and stands up on his hind legs to look out and see what's "out there". Not like he would ncessarily protect us from anything. I appreciate the effort, though. Cooper is an enigma, most of the time I can't figure him out. 

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