7 Things I Need to Love About Myself

In celebration of the Day of Love, or Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something that wasn't just me telling you all how single I am. Of all the people that whine and complain about their relationship status and how alone they'll be for one day of the year, I thought I could do something different and more lovable towards myself. When Hallmark card prices sky rocket and red and pink dominate all the stores, it can be easy to forget what this day of hearts and xoxo's really means. 

A lot of people have much dislike for this holiday and criticize the perceptions of relationships and love and all that is dating, but why waste the time? Instead, I want to reflect on some things about myself that I would like to find more love for—because self love is so important.   

01.  My Love for Others
It is easy for me to say that I try to put others before myself the best way I can and while I might not admit it all the time, it is definitely there and always on my mind.

02.  My Strength
Sometimes I think that I am too physically strong, like my muscles are just too big. Physical or emotional, strength is something that not everyone is capable of achieving.  

03. My Creative Ambition
I know I can get hard on myself when it comes to projects and creative ideas that I have for my blog, school, and just future aspirations and goals. I've realized that I need to use my creativity and just do what I enjoy doing and continue doing it. 

04. My Pudgey Tummy
There's just a little flab of fat below my belly button that I've constantly been trying to flatten and tighten, but I just love Nutter Butters and buffalo wings too much to care. I'm human, I have fat, and a little cushion on my belly won't do harm. 
05. My Dumb Sense of Humor
When I meet people I don't 100% get comfortable enough to just let myself go and release all the puns and dumb shit my mind thinks of. I've held myself back a lot and for that, I'm not being at all authentic and who I want to project myself as—a funny ass chick! 

06. My Anxiety
Over the years I have definitely had my ups and downs with it, anxiety is not something that really goes away and is not easy to confess to or accept. It's a part of me, though. I need to embrace it and recognize what it does to me and how it makes me feel. I 've found ways to suppress it and it just makes it harder to deal with. When worries arise, I have to admit to them and be the strong person I know I am.

07.  My Persistence and Costant Need for Improvement
I'm no perfectionist, but I find that my drive and want to better myself and move forward in life is a very motivating and empowering trait to have. I forget my purpose and goals of what I'm doing when little obstacles get in the way, but somehow I always find my way back onto my feet. 

I hope I don't sound overly self induldgent when I talk about some of these things about myself that I have come to recognize need more love. I truly think that all of us need to reflect on the things about ourselves that deserve a little extra love because sometimes it's okay to be your own Valentine.

Pictures by Emily Rohman

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