Looking Forward to February

I think that was the world's longest January ever. Not to mention the coldest. If you weren't aware of the polar vortex that was happening practically everywhere throughout the US, well Chicago went sub-zero and had a -50-degree windchill. Then it went 100 degrees warmer and I've experienced some whacky Chicago winters, but this one tops the cake. 

I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the weather, but us midwesterners are fascinated. January seems to slump a lot of people, especially because it's frigid and everyone is trying to get back into the swing of things. I've found it really hard to transition back into my routine, but I'm trying as hard as I can to keep up with school!

Everyone I know is looking forward to sunnier and brighter days. While I hate pushing my life away and forgetting about the past months, it really feels refreshing to turn the calendar and start over. Here's what I might be doing this month...

01. While I have been really getting back into study mode, I haven't put my blog on the back burner. As you might have noticed, I have a new and improved look! I've been trying to develop a theme over the past month that I really like and I think what I'm doing will suffice. It's mainly finding the right editing filters and designs that I want to maintain across all my platforms. So far, I am quite pleased with how it all looks and am excited for what new content I will create within the next month. 

02. My dad and I are going to see Panic! At the Disco this month and I cannot tell you enough how excited I am for it. I have been a passionate fan and listener for a few years now and sometimes I forget how much fun I have at concerts.

This year I would love to plan to go to more concert outings or like music festivals. Thankfully, since I live in the city and am so close to so many smaller concert venues, I'm able to catch some of my favorite smaller bands that come to town. One of the major perks of going to school in Chicago.

03. I am an active member of my schools Public Relations Student Society (PRSSA) which is a pre-professional organization that public relations or communications students (and all students for that matter) can partake in. Recently, I just applied to be one of their e-board members that control their content creation and blog, which I have also written for here if you are interested. 

I have really enjoyed what I have been able to participate in so far with the group and the friends that I have already made because of it. It's really not easy trying to find your niche in college and sometimes you just have to apply yourself and be open to opportunities. PRSSA has taught me that being present and showing up will make all the difference for yourself professionally. It has also been a great way for me to actually step inside the industry and get real experience from PR professionals. So, let's hope I get the position.

04. I've been keeping up with yoga and continuing with it ever since sophomore year, but the repetition and same vinyasa flows have been making me a little bored, to be honest. As much as I love it, I need to switch things up a bit with my fitness routine. Just this last week I tried out a boxing boot camp, that killed my arms, but made me even more motivated to use different parts of my body I never thought could get sore.
05. The last major thing I want to accomplish this month is my mentality. I have no plans for Valentine's Day and I feel like this is the time of year when everyone wishes there was someone in their life and they just get sad. I've spent many Valentine's Days alone and they're really not that bad. I don't buy into all of the hearts and chocolate crap anyway.

Besides worrying about my relationship status, there are a lot of worse scenarios that I could think of that don't effect me right now, so I need to remind myself that my problems now are miniscule compared to what I might be facing a month, year, or five years from now. I need to enjoy this time I have (sounds like I'm dying). I can assure you I am alive and thriving, but there will undoubtedly be good and bad days. What's on your February to-do list?

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