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Hello my lovelies! I recently did a little shop at my local Nordstrom Rack and was incredibly amazed by the huge selection of prestige beauty products that were there for half the actual retail price! So I picked up this holiday set from 2015 (I mean discounted Smashbox? Who cares if it's from last year haha) and I am so happy with these products. I know these products aren't limited edition anyway so I thought that it would be appropriate to do a little review on them! I bought the set for eight dollars at Nordstrom Rack. 
Smashbox is a new discovery of mine. I know it's been around for a long time but, I have never had the courage to try out their products. When I saw this set (they also had some of the eye and lip holiday sets as well), I was very surprised. My friends always ask me like "Hey where's the best place to buy really good makeup?" and I'm like "Nordstrom Rack!". They have the best makeup products their for so little! Brands like Lorac, Stila, Laura Mercier, Nars, The Body Shop, Urban Decay and many others are there as well!

First things first, the primer. This teeny guy has been one of my favorite eye lid primers I have been using this month. I am always looking for non-greasy, anti-creasing primers and this one has done me so well. I have heard so much about Smashbox's primers and I feel like I might have to buy a full size when this runs out! It's super moisturizing but, isn't too creamy and oily on the lids. This lasted me a full school day of full on eye makeup and I am quite impressed.
I am really liking this mascara as well. I would say that it's very lengthening and there's only minimal flaking throughout the day. I am always looking forward to mascaras because they're my favorite staple beauty product. I know that this is one of Smashbox's classic mascaras that they sell so it should be available all year round. This set was so great because I got this full-size mascara and the other two products for only eight bucks! And this set was only from this past Christmas.
What I was very excited to try out was the eyeliner. I'm usually not a person that loves wearing eyeliner but, most of the time I love wearing black pencil liner on my upper lids to make my look more dramatic. I was insanely impressed by the smoothness and creaminess of this eyeliner. There's no dryness or clumps and it doesn't really smear onto my face during the day. 
This set was so awesome and I was so impressed with these products that I think I'll have to try some more out in the future! This set is sold some places online and at Nordstrom Rack right now so hurry and get it while they still have it! It was an insanely cheap price to pay for these top of the line products. There's also some places online that have this set at retail but, I don't think Smashbox sells it in their stores right now. You can purchase the set online here. Are there any specific Smashbox products I need to try out next? Maybe their primers will have to be the next culprit muhaha. 

                                                                               Xoxo, Nat


  1. This little kit seems great! I have never been a smash box user and I'm not that familiar with their products so I might check this out!

    Kathy xx

    1. You totally should! They have a great collection of products!X

  2. I would love to try this out!

    Holly xo


  3. This looks great! A few months ago I bought a palette from Smashbox for a great price but unfortunately I live in the uk so I dont have Nordstrom.
    Emily www.floraalemily.co.uk

    1. Yeah I hate that there aren't a lot of stores that you guys have here in the US. I really like Smashbox. I'll have to look for more palettes at Nordstrom because they had one called On The Rocks and it was very pretty!X


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