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Hey everyone! So last week I was struggling with a very bad cold. Ugh! My nose was stuffed, throat hurt, my lungs were tight, my head pounding all the time, I couldn't focus in school and I barely got any rest. So finally now that's all over and done with for this season, (because I know a ton of people who have gotten sick over the past couple weeks) here are the things I used and some extra necessities you should use when you're a bit under the weather...or a lot. 

Now makeup when you're sick isn't always really fun to do. All I wanted to do was wash my face and snuggle up but, no! I had to look somewhat presentable at school otherwise I would have looked like a complete zombie. This is great for school and work as well. I like putting some concealer under my eyes so I don't look completely dead and some powder as well to make sure I'm not super oily-faced, runny nose disaster haha. I also like to add a bit of simple mascara like this Maybelline one that just fans out your lashes without being overly black and dramatic. And finally, because I look really pale when I'm sick, adding a bit of color and pigment is always a nice touch to show that you're still a breathing human he-he. 
Something that I have been really loving lately is tea. I like making tea even when I'm not sick but, Tea Forte has been my go-to tea company for the past couple months. My family received this huge box full of different teas from them and these two are some of my favorites. I also love a little honey spoon to go with my cup. So sweet! Having a cup right before you go to bed is always great for your throat and overall mind and relaxation. 
Something else I love to use before I go to bed is a pillow mist. I got this really nice lavender one at Bath and Body Works a long time ago and I love it dearly. I spritz some over my pillow and bed and it really helps me relax and de-stress.
Another thing that I think is vital for any ill person (or even non-ill) is moisturizing. Since it's like negative twenty degrees here in Chicago, everything is completely dry and crackly. Ugh, so annoying. So I suggest using a really nice and rich moisturizer on the face like this Simple one which I absolutely love. It is great for this time of year because it's not a gel (normally I would use a gel moisturizer in the summer because it's so light on the skin and I usually don't get that dry). This rich, creamy moisturizer is great because it helps a bit more with the extra dry skin that I get in the winter. The Body Shop's body butters are amazing for dry hands, feet, and anything else really.

Chap stick is also another vital necessity. Tip: I recommend getting a chap stick that has no trace of petroleum in it as that's what actually causes dryer skin and petroleum is actually in most lip balms. Who knew? Burt's Bees is a great chap stick that I have always gone back to. This Carmex one has slight amounts of it but, works pretty well too!
This is a given. Medicine is probably the first vital product of relief. I just thought everyone knew that there's pills for stuff like this haha. 

Other Products I Recommend to Use When Sick:
  1. Eye drops, ear drops,cough drops... all the drops!
  2. Tissues...duh
  3. Vic's Vapor Rub for a decongestant 
  4. Nice candles
  5. Baths with bath bombs and a face mask (preferably from Lush)
  6. Scarves, sweaters, fuzzy socks, blankets, all things warm!

I hope this helped all my little sick-lings out there. No matter what illness you have, these are all pretty great ideas in my opinion for getting back to your feet! Is there anything I missed?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I've been ill recently as well and I feel like tissues and lip balm have been my essentials! Wish I had know about the pillow mist before it sounds really nice!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

    1. I love pillow mists so much! My sheets always smell amazing! X

  2. I love burt's bee's products especially their lip balms + the bene tint is great for when you can't really be bothered making an effort but still wanna look nice :) Lovely post !!

    Kathy xx

    1. I love lip balms and all that. I have so many I never run out! Thanks for reading and enjoying my post!


  3. I've never tried a pillow mist before actually. I might have a browse around to see if I can find any. I always have a Burts Bees with me when I've got a cold. I just always feel so dehydrated and my lips are constantly chapped, especially if I get a fever.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Nobody's tried a pillow mist before? Wow I could be starting a new trend! I love mine so much. Burt's bees is my all time fave!!X

  4. I've tried the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus pillow mist before and really liked it for stress relief. Totally understand the need for good moisturizers and lip balm when you're not sick and how they just seem more soothing when you are. I have no energy to shower when I am sick, but the post shower, moisturized feeling is amazing so I make myself do it. And YES, ALL THE DROPS.

    1. Yeah I am always way too tired to take a shower! That's why I love using Lush's bath bombs and relaxing in a nice warm bath. Haha I feel like this is just a survival kit for the apocalypse of something! X

  5. Love your blog! Did you take these photos because they are really good?

    Holly xox


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