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Hey guys! So today I wanted to share my top face makeup products that I have been loving so much. I feel like face makeup is very important especially since it's something that you have to put on your face, obviously you want it to be good! So here are my favorite products that range from drugstore to high end. I feel like foundation is so different for everyone and everybody has their own preference. Whether you have oily or dry skin, clear skin or acne prone, and even a different skin tone. Foundation really comes down to what you prefer and what works best for you. 

Best Face Primer: Benefit's Porefessional
 I absolutely love this face primer. When I first discovered it, I was using the mini travel size and completely fell in love with how smooth it is and how long my foundation and other face makeup lasts. It also smells so good. I had to go out and buy the full size because I was using it every single day. The travel size lasted me a pretty long time and I think it's great for travel as well (obviously Natalie haha). Sometimes when I am not really wanting to wear full coverage foundation, I'll put this on my face underneath a translucent powder.

I'm not one of those people that love full coverage foundations but, when I do use very high coverage I love using these two. The Maybelline foundation I found to be the best for dry skin and it is also very good at covering laugh lines and imperfections. There's also sunscreen in it which is also a huge plus! I know that I don't need an age preventing foundation or treatment but, it really does a great job at covering up all your pores and lines.

An oldie but a goodie. L'oreal's True Match has always been a favorite I feel like. To me, this gives a huge amount of coverage. They have like 20 plus shades for everyone so you are guaranteed to find one that matches your skin tone.  This one also has SPF which is another great thing I like about it. I love wearing it if I need to really cover up and when I have pretty dry skin. It does appear dewy but, it's very moisturizing and it doesn't leave you looking flaky or cake-y.

Best Tinted Moisturizer: Laura Mercier
I have always been so interested in Laura Mercier's products! I have heard so many great things about her tinted moisturizer and now that I am able to actually try it, I absolutely love it. This has to be my favorite light foundation at the moment. It does give some coverage but, just enough to make you feel covered. It's a bit dewy but, I love the glowy look you get from it!

A long time ago I was on a quest to find an amazing eye shadow primer and I finally found two that I love so much. The one that I use the most is the Stay Don't Stray Primer by Benefit and I love how moisturizing and long wearing it is. No creasing at all! A new favorite that's also a beauty classic is the Urban Decay Primer Potion and I really like it so far. I did find it to crease a bit more than Benefit's. I tend to get really oily eyelids for some reason and these two really help prevent that.

I hope you guys found some help and inspiration on new face makeup. I'm always reading other peoples' blogs to see what the next best foundation is. If there's one I should try next after all of these then please let me know in the comments!

Xoxo, Nat

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