Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Hello my lovelies! While Valentine's Day isn't my number one favorite holiday, I still love getting people gifts! Whether you are getting something for your girl (because I guess guys wouldn't want this stuff) or just a friend or loved one, I have some great gift ideas for you guys.

I always tell myself that even if I am not able to get a gift for someone, buying or making a card is always your best bet no matter what. Letting someone know you care with a card on Valentine's is just as sweet as getting them chocolates, candy, and some pretty flowers...okay maybe not as sweet haha. I got this cute fox and raccoon card at Target in the dollar section and it comes in a pack of eight cards with envelopes. So cute! I can always count on the dollar section at Target to have the best and most inexpensive note cards.
If your loved one is loving all things makeup and beauty (like me) here are some other cute ideas. Maybe stop by your nearest Bath and Body Works and pick up a set of pretty smelling lotions, get a nice bright pink Rimmel lipstick to go with her cute outfit, or maybe even go full out and buy her a nice perfume

Any girl would love these items. They're all necessities in my opinion! You could even get her a bunch of mini Essie nail polishes. This one is in the shade Forever Yummy and it is so yummy! I have been really loving the look of bright red nails lately. So festive!
Something that could be bit of a stretch this year could be a Fujifilm Instax mini polaroid camera. It is a bit of an expensive gift but, I feel like anyone who loves taking selfies with their "bae" would love to have this camera. 

Plus, they come in so many different colors and you can get different film for them! They're so easy to take along or just use at home with friends. I love the vintage look the camera creates.
If you are planning on getting your GF or friend a gift, these are some really great ideas. Remember! It's the thought that counts, not the gift. So maybe just a card this year? Or a simple "Happy Valentine's Day!" would make anyone feel a bit more loved. 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. So lovely valentine’s day gift ideas. Truly you have made a great list and have helped various people out there. I have also planned a private dinner party at domestic Los Angeles venues and was quite confused about V-day gift for my partner. Your post is very inspirational for me.

    1. Why thank you! That means so much to hear. I hope your V-Day is nice and special!


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