Life Note No. 1 | Living in The Moment & Reminiscence

I am laying here comfortably in my bed reminiscing on all the fun that I have had so far this summer. It is unbelievably crazy that I will be a senior in high school in about three weeks. Time has sure flown by! It makes me sad that happy times come to an end and even though we are still pretty much in the midst of summer, school starts extremely early (ugh) for me here in Chicago. 

I thought I could recount the amazing things that have happened or I have been doing lately. Sometimes I forget about the great moments I have shared with friends and family during summer. These last couple of weeks I have really tried to live in the moment and just be present because one day my young life will come to an end eventually (sorry to get all deep and stuff). 
01. I always try to push myself to try new things and do more things. I mean, I have like three months to do what ever the heck I want (within my budget of course). A few months back I purchased Adele tickets and Ellie Goulding tickets. Probably two of the best concerts I have ever and will ever see in my entire life. I literally can't explain how amazing it was because you just. Had. To. Be. There. It was so good. 

02. I think on everyone's summer vacation checklist is at least one or two visits to see Grandma and all the other relatives. I know people that have family that live like 20 minutes away, mine live like 7 hours away from my house so it is a pretty lengthy road trip. It's always nice to see my family; we go swimming, fishing, shopping, etc...we do practically everything together and I love the bond I have with all of my little cousins, too.  
03. One thing that I have been a little bad about during this summer is hanging out with my school friends. I get so busy during the summer and it's so hard to meet up and hang sometimes. I have been reconnecting with older friends, though. I have been a little proud of myself for contacting them because they're the same, awesome people they were when we were so close way back when. Rekindling old relationships is good! It's nice to catch up with people; people who have really made a huge impact in your life. I am sorry to any of you (ahem friends who read my blog, God bless you) that feel like I haven't communicated to you during this summer. Work and trips can be overwhelming...

04. If you have been reading a lot of my posts lately then you might already know that I have been doing a ton of yoga. I mentioned that I was doing a yoga challenge at my studio; 40 classes in 90 days and you get a t-shirt and a $40 gift card to all their merch. Just to let you all know, I have only 5 classes to go! I am pretty proud of myself for staying motivated to keep on going to yoga and not decide to ditch and go eat pizza. I know a gift card and a t-shirt might not sound like much but, it's hell of a reward after pushing myself to become stronger and better. That, my friends, is something I will always take a t-shirt for. 

05. One last big SHEBANG. My annual, family camping trip is coming up at the end of the week. I will be camping in a tent (have been since I was a baby) for about 10 days, more or less, next week. I love connecting with the outdoors and just enjoying what nature has to offer. I am an outdoor girl. What can I say, the city is my home but, the forest and the beach are my playground LOL! My family and I camp in northern Michigan and the views are incredible. I highly recommend visiting such a beautiful place. Here is the post of the trip I took last summer. 

Since I will be on a hiatus for a week, there won't really be much going on my blog. However, I think I have decided to write up a couple posts so that you guys can have something to read while I am gone! Everybody needs a break once in a while but, I'll try my best. I also want to take more pictures during my trip so hopefully you guys can see them once I get back. 

What have been some of you summer highlights so far?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. It's always good to look back at fun memories, that's one of the reasons I love having a blog so much. Sounds like you've been having a fun summer! XO -Kim

    1. Having a blog is like my own little journal! I love the endless amount of things I can write about on here. Hope you have been having a fun summer as well! XX

  2. It sounds like you have got a really fun summer planned! I hope it all goes well for you and you get to achieve all these things xx

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    1. Thank you so much! I was just on my family vacation and it went great. I am a little sad and happy to be back home now. Time flies when you're having fun! XX


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