Golden Summery Bronze | Makeup Look of the Day

I tend to be a little more creative with my looks during the summer and I like to experiment with different colors, products, and so on. Since it's already like the middle of the summer (ahhhh) I have bought a lot of makeup and have gotten rid of all the old, gross stuff degenerating in my vanity. So, that means new stuff!! Woohoo. With the exception of a few other favorites that I have, I am going to share a couple new products that I have discovered and have been using to create a sultry, golden (yes, of course gold) makeup look that can be worn day or night!
I recently purchased the Too Faced Love Palette and to be honest, I love it! On the website it says that this palette is "new", but I have seen beauty gurus rave about this palette way back when. Sure it's not like a brand new palette; doesn't mean it can't be amazing, right? I mean, it received 5 stars on the website...
In order to achieve a nice, golden look, I like to use a combination of these (unnamed) shades from the first section of the palette. I am sure that all of these colors are from different Too Faced palettes and have names, I just never looked or found them. These shadows apply very smoothly and there was minimal chalkiness for a couple of the matte shades. 

This palette can really suit anyone's eye color or just preference. If you aren't wanting to do the whole "golden" look, there are also some great pink/purple toned shades to choose from. I think these would look awesome on blue eyes! You can always intensify your look with the darker shades in this palette so, it's great if you want to transition your entire look into something more dramatic.  

The last section of the palette has some pretty, earthy toned shades like green and gold. I think this would also look amazing on green or hazel eyes! I have never tried green eye shadow before. Maybe I should experiment some more...
The formula, pigmentation, and shadows themselves were a massive win. I think you could create more than just a golden eye look with it if you wanted to. What made it even better was that it came with it's own black eyeliner. I think that a brush could have also sufficed in the place of the liner. The end of the really creamy liner was a sponge-type tip. So, if you are looking to add some "drama" to your golden look, this would be great to smudge out your liner.
Now for brows, I have been eyeing this little guy for soooo long. I have seen the pens, the pencils, the thingamabobs but, THIS, is the real deal. I haven't seen my brows look more Cara Delevingne than ever. I'll dab a little of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown on my angled brush and lightly go into my brows and fill them in!

I have seen all of the Anastasia products and I feel like you honestly get WAY more for your money if you buy this pomade instead of the pencils and what-not. I only used like a very small amount of it for my brows and it went a very long way. 
To finish off the eyes, I used the cult-classic Benefit They're Real Mascara to add length to my lashes. I have used this forever and have raved about it so much. It's literally a must-have for everyone's makeup collection, it's just that good.
I have been using under makeup primers a lot now and I think it's sort of necessary to use when you are out in the heat and feel like your face could almost melt off! I love the Benefit Porefessional Primer to apply under my foundation in the summer. It goes on so smooth and really covers up my pores. It smells great, too!
For my foundation, I have been obsessing over the Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream so much. I love BB creams especially in the summertime. This was a new release from Covergirl and I really enjoy using it. I might even have to do a separate post about it. Let me know if you guys would be interested in a more detailed review of their new makeup in the comments below! 

On my lips is obviously my Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Sphynx. I have really fallen in love with the nude lip look for summer and I think it really compliments gold. I might even wear this look to my school pictures next week. 
I mean, this look wouldn't be titled "bronze" if there wasn't any bronzer! I needed a new bronzer because I only had my Benefit Hoola one and an old Elf one. I know all of the gurus on YouTube and bloggers love the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer, and what can I say, I love it too! It's not too orange or shimmery and it leaves a really nice glow to basically any look you desire.
The classic golden look is my go-to makeup look of the summer. However, I should venture out a little more and maybe try different types of color combinations to find even more beautiful looks! Do you guys have one certain type of look you like to wear during the hot months? Let me know in the comments! 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I've heard Katy's line of lipsticks is good but have yet to try them...this one looks beautiful! XO -Kim

  2. They're really great lipsticks! I'd like to try out more X

  3. I loved my dip brow pomade but once it dried out I never repurchased it so I really need to get on that because I really really liked it :) Great post!!
    Kathy x

    1. I will make sure to remember that and use it as much as I can! Did you try heating it up in the microwave? That might help next time! And thanks so much XX