Taking A Little Detox... | The Importance of Doing Nothing

Hello everyone. Long time, no talk! It's currently the middle of my summer vacation and last week was filled with travelling and going places. This week, however, I've been home relaxing and chilling out. I could have been blogging or reviewing stuff but, I feel like everybody deserves a little "off time", if you know what I mean. I love what I do but, for the past couple months, it's been like non stop blogging and I needed a little time to refresh my brain a bit. I want my writing to be honest as well as sincere and actually good to what I think you guys would be interested in reading. I also don't want to forget that what I write is what I want to write about, too! 

I am back on schedule and ready to share some great posts very soon. Since I have had a bit of time to think about blogging ideas, I wanted to stress the importance of balancing your life and taking breaks every so often. It's not like I'm a workaholic because I don't really have a full-time job and blogging is still my passionate hobby but, I am human. I have things to do and get done like everyone else in this world does. I have been going through a ton of stuff in my house to get ready for a big garage sale we are having next week. I have flipped my house upside down and cleaned out everything that needed to be cleaned! Doesn't it feel so good to just get rid of junk that's been in your closets for so long? 

I consider myself a very busy person and I think a lot of people can relate to that. So, even though I am still not really done preparing for the sale yet, I have been chilling out and making time for things like yoga, watching movies with friends, and just chilling out with my pup! I have been doing this "Summer Challenge" that my yoga studio has been advertising since the beginning of June. You have to do 40 classes in 90 days and you will receive a $40 gift card to buy any of their merchandise and a t-shirt! So far I have 26 classes down and 14 to go. Little things like that keep me motivated especially during the summer. When I was gone I couldn't do yoga, so this week I have been going nonstop! Something that was very needed after a junk food filled vacation. 

It's not very exciting but, I think a break and a yoga detox is well deserved considering all the travelling and the fact that school is almost around the corner...(ugh don't get me started). I wish I had the luscious, tropical, summer vacation that some seem to have but, sometimes a stay-cation can be a whole lot better (and it really is). Travelling is fun and tiring at the same time because you're going to and from places and you have to haul a ton of stuff with you; it can be chaotic sometimes.

It feels good to be back, though. I am back to my creative and productive self! It's great to take a break and do nothing. I think it's an important thing to take some personal time off and relax. Balancing your work with personal time and family time can really help relieve stress and also bring newer and better ideas when you come back to work or even your blog! 

Get ready for some great posts next week and my regular schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am taking it all back in day by day and easing into the blogging right now so one post this week will do to catch you all up! What are some ways you guys like to balance your busy lives? Are there things you do to help relieve the stress? Let me know!

Xoxo, Nat  


  1. Taking a day off does the world of good, look forward to reading your upcoming posts xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I think we could all use a break. And thanks! I can't wait for you to read them XX