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I'm back everyone (and later than ever)! I just got home from a huge Fourth of July vacay with my family and I am so exhausted but, so happy to be back and writing again. I have another trip at the end of the week, but will be sure to keep my post up for Thursday. So, throughout these past months, I have been shopping, yadee yadee ya...and here I am with another, very "unpretentious", rose gold haul (or shall I just say, add-on to my collection LOL). 

It's not like I mean't to just buy everything rosegold per-say, I just like what I see I guess. This isn't your average stationary haul...because there's not much stationary. I have some makeup and some jewelry pieces, as well! So, if you're into rose gold (or kind of coppery things), you're in for some sweet finds. 
I not only have an obsession with rosegold, but marble and planners are up there, too. I wasn't "planning" on buying a new planner, har har, but there shouldn't be anything wrong with purchasing a new one for the next year! I love planners so much and this one is absolutely adorable. 

I also found this cute phone case at H&M for a really low price. I like how I can use it as a mirror during the day because I honestly don't know who uses a portable mirror nowadays...

I love the full grid pages in this planner so I can fit all of my assignments or dates on it. Sometimes I get in the habit of like scratching out things and I have no room to put it anywhere on the page. This one isn't the easiest to travel with or take along, but it's cute and really easy to use to organize everything. 
I think that rose gold makeup is actually becoming a thing. I don't know if rose gold makeup was at all popular but, I am so in love with just how pretty it looks on; eyes, cheeks, or even lips! The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rosegold is the perfect highlight that gives a beautiful pop of color to your cheekbones. I was never a fan of highlighting because of my super oily skin but, it's just the perfect sheen and it really compliments my olive skin. They have a huge collection of shades so everyone can find the perfect color.

The Katy Kat Matte lipstick I have in Sphynx isn't very gold but, it is very rose. I think it compliments any rose-golden eye look and is just a great nude in general. It's moisturizing and very matte so it doesn't dry out your lips.
I have a couple rose gold pieces that I bought in San Francisco from a really cool market and are very unique so I don't know if you guys can purchase them from anywhere. I wish I knew like a website or a name but, the guy making them didn't speak very good English. I love how modern these two pieces looked and their uniqueness made them even more special.

I was never a necklace fan and I thought that wearing like big, tacky necklaces were a little uncomfortable. This one is minimalist and adds a nice metal touch to any outfit. 

I love how rings can leave a nice, subtle touch of personality to any outfit. The amount of effort that was put into making this unique ring is just so cool. The guy that sold it to me was so friendly and genuine. It seemed like he loves what he does and put passion into every single ring he had on that stand. I love the double knots on this ring, too! 
I don't think having too much rosegold is excessive or bad...no, it's not. I think rosegold is like slowly trending and becoming a thing. I see a ton of rose gold products at stores and I can't say I have finished collecting! 
I hope you guys liked this post. Let me know in the comments if you guys are into rose gold like me! Is there anything else I should try or buy that I might love? I'll see you guys Thursday!

Xoxo, Nat


  1. Rose gold eyeshadows are my favourite, you should check out the Rose Gold caviar stick from Laura Mercier if you haven't already, it is exquisite! Gorgeous planner too, I am such a sucker for pretty stationary. I have more notebooks than I care to admit, lovely post. Your vacation sounds lovely, happy belated 4th July! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I should go check that out! I haven't fully been introduced to Laura Mercier quite yet. I've heard amazing things, though! Planning never looked so good! Thanks for enjoying my post :) And happy belated 4th to you, as well XX

  2. You can never have too much rose gold, in my opinion. Although I have to say I really like copper too ;) Sounds like you had a great break :) X

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

    1. Am I right??? Rosegold and copper go hand in hand! X


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