Affordable Halloween Favors | Target Dollar Section

Only two more weeks until Halloween and I am so excited for all things spooky and creepy! If you are having some type of get together, Halloween party, or just want to send a friend a nice treat and don't want to spend a ton on little party favors like these, the Target Dollar Section has everything you need. 

The Target Dollar section has been one of my favorite places to buy all things home and their constant variations and restocks of amazing "crap" is changed every season and I always end up spending like $30 on a ton of cute stuff. I recently had to go buy a Halloween themed raffle prize and knew exactly where to get it! Stuff like this shouldn't be something you have to drop your whole wallet on. Sadly, Target does not have any of these things specifically online due to their constant circulation of product but, every Target will most likely carry these things for under $10. 
A couple of the first things I saw and thought were really fun were these Grow Capsules that you can put in water and they turn into really cute pumpkins and monsters. I always used to get these at parties when I was younger and at night we would put every one of them in a glass jar and by morning they would all be huge and fully grown creatures! 
I also found this cute Jack'o'lantern bucket and these really adorable socks to go with it. I wanted to include some candy (obviously because it's Halloween) and Caramel Apple Pops are the best Halloween sweets in my opinion!
I really loved this huge, fox eraser and thought it went perfectly with the Halloween theme. Also, I used to have memories of my mom buying us these window clings every holiday season and I was obsessed with how squishy and fun they were to decorate with. 
Another fun thing to get are little crafts that your guests or friends can do at your party or at home after the party! I thought that this really creative Character Jar Kit was a fun thing to make and decorate a drab dresser or coffee table. Who doesn't want a kitten jar?

The Target Dollar Section has one of the best selections of party favors and gifts and are always under $10! Most of my background in flat flays consist of products from the dollar section; it's incredible how awesome it is to not spend a fortune on things like that.

Have you guys visited the Target dollar section?

Xoxo, Nat


  1. I love the halloween socks. Also no one can pass up fun socks :)
    Kathy x