Recent Fall Fashion Finds | American Eagle and H&M

Normally, I do a back to school shop but, this year I didn't have time to do any of it so over the past couple months I have been collecting some new pieces for this season. Fall is my favorite time of year to really express my style; it's super easy to think of outfits because you don't have to deal with oppressing heat and sun all the time. Layering pieces and not wearing flip flops everyday is something that I always get excited about for this time of year. 
I haven't worn colored pants since the sixth grade but, boy do these blushed AEO Denim X Jeggings look so cute! I know that pink is not normally a color you would wear in the fall but, I think this shade really works. Especially paired with a black and white flannel, it can add a nice touch of color without making you look like an Easter extravaganza. They're so comfortable and were only $20 at American Eagle!
I have always loved the look of booties and chelsea boots, specifically, look great paired with skinny jeans. I wanted a pair that would have a slight heel and were also a different color other than chestnut or black. The AEO D-Ring Western Bootie is quite the bootie! At first, they were a bit snug, probably due to the pointed toe, but I broke them in and they can really dress up any fall look, which I love. They're classic and timeless--a great fall shoe. 
I have been obsessed by the look of a cute, woven pom pom hat lately. This one I actually got a while back at H&M is no longer on the website, but I linked one similar anyway. You can feel warm and snug while looking very cute and ready for winter! 

Another thing that I found was this huge blanket scarf from the Target dollar section (of course). Whenever I go to Target they always seem to be out and this one happened to be there one day and I was like, "Uhhh why haven't I ever seen this before?!". It was only $7 and it's honestly one of the best scarves I have ever owned. I love the dark greens and blues in it instead of your usual reds and beige colors you seen in fall scarves; perfect for fall and winter, as well. 
I have been loving the fall fashion trends lately and am always up for a change! Let me know what types of pieces or trends you guys have been loving this fall down below. 

Xoxo, Nat

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