Autumn Makeup of the Day

Autumn is my favorite time of year for all things makeup; especially with my olive skin tone, I am obsessed with the jewel and nude tones that come with the season. This specific "look" has been already repeated countless times and I have craved a long wearing look that will stay all day and won't leave my face on these windy fall days. It's simple but, hints of color make this look emulate all things I love about fall! 
I just did a review of this incredible Milani foundation about two days ago, here, and I can't seem to stop using it! You can read a more detailed description of it using the link but, I gotta say, it's one hell of a product. For someone with extremely combo skin, it smooths over any dry areas and doesn't leave my face looking drained or dehydrated and when my skin is a bit more oilier on some days, it holds it's dewy look without creating a shiny mess after a couple hours. It's a no-brainer for when you need a great full coverage foundation because you can skip the concealer and be out the door in no time. It'll definitely be in my collection all year round. 

I have also been really loving the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. I did another review of this product and also raved about it. The dramatic brows are so in this season and I love the way they can really frame a look. 
My obsession for metallic and jewel toned eyes can sometimes get out of hand. I'll use so many combinations of them! Especially this Laura Geller Baked Color Intense Shadow Duo in Dolce/Raisin. The pigmentation of these two shadows are astonishing and are very easy to blend to create the mastered fall eye look. Sometimes, I'll also go into the crease with the Marsk Mineral Eye Shadow in You're Toast; it has been a recent grab in many of my makeup routines lately. One of those very pretty copper shades and (knowing me) I had to use it now that it's finally fall.
Okay, so, I am a little bit guilty here. I didn't give Maybelline's Lash Sensational Mascara a fair chance. I reviewed this mascara a lonnng time ago, you can read about it here, and totally dissed the waterproof version of this mascara. Which was very stupid of me because normally waterproof versions of mascaras have slightly different formulations. 

It was true, what I said but, I never gave the normal one a fair shot. It is a really great, curling and lengthening mascara. I'm sorry for any of you I offended when I totally didn't compare it to the original formula. Now they have like a new one that I think might even be better than this one! Maybelline ceases to come out with impressive mascaras and I guess I was wrong about this one for the most part. 
Mac's Velvet Teddy Lipstick is a cult classic and one of my absolute favorite nude lipsticks that I have ever tried. It's fairly matte and moisturizing at the same time; great for an everyday, fall look.

A recent purchase of a Smashbox set included this mini Hydrating Under Eye Primer that has really helped prevent my concealer from settling into my fine lines under my eyes and really makes a difference when I put on foundation. It's great for those dark fall mornings when you're completely disoriented because you forgot it was daylight savings time and can't wake yourself up for the life of it. 
I think I might do more of these posts to share what I have been reaching for every morning according to the seasons and whatnot--I love reading these types of posts and hope you all do too! What other types of products have you been obsessing over this fall? 

Xoxo, Nat


  1. MAC velvet teddy lipstick looks so perfect for fall. I love wearing Brave and Modesty for this time of the year.


  2. My Yash lipstick from MAC and Kylie Lipkit in Ginger are my usual lip go to's, and for face I'm currently loving Guerlain's bronzer!

    xx Heather |

    1. Those sound amazing! I've always wanted to try out Kylie's Lipkits but, they're just so hard to get! X