Pumpkin Picking

Over this past weekend, my family and I made a trip out to Larson's Family Farm, which is small, quaint, and everything you would look for in an all American pumpkin patch. The pumpkins were not picked over and they were very big and juicy! My family has paid for store bought pumpkins in the past and it just isn't the same. The day we went was one of the best days we've gone pumpkin picking; it was so crisp and felt like a beautiful, first autumn day!  
This farm was not your average, commercialized "Big 'Ol Pumpkin Fair Extravaganza" patch. It just felt...real. The owners were so welcoming and seemed to have been running their family business for a very long time. They had a lot of acreage and owned a couple horses that I couldn't stop petting! 

This farm had a pretty big patch of pumpkins which also included gourds (mini squash-like vegetables) every where we stepped! They also seemed to have been growing Christmas trees for the winter already. As we made our way around the rather abundant patch, we also managed to buy a pile of Indian Corn (some pretty rainbow corn that you can hang and use to decorate just about anywhere in or outside of your house) and some small gourds...that we totally forgot to bring home after we bought them. So, that just gave us another excuse to go back to the pumpkin patch again. Ha! 
Once we were finished picking pumpkins, we paid for them all in their massive barn which consisted of a ton of Halloween treats! They had popcorn, apple cider, hot chocolate, candy, and of course caramel apples (which were amazing because they had home-made caramel). 

I have always enjoyed picking pumpkins and it's a great time to spend with friends and family. I feel like fall isn't fall without a pumpkin picking excursion! I would totally recommend going to a pumpkin patch, preferably family owned and non-commercialized to get the best experience you can get! Plus, there will be warm, home-made goods that you can't get at those places anyway. If all else fails, supermarket pumpkins work, too! What's a fall tradition you enjoy doing?