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Easter Family Adventures and Cactus Prints

Happy late Easter for those of you who celebrate it and also I hope everyone has been having a nice spring. My family and I went to Richmond, Virginia to visit my older sister who is there for an internship and also my very close family friends, or "cousins", just moved out there, as well. It was forecasted to be mid 80s all Easter weekend which was AMAZING. It was in the 70s in Chicago, but no it's back to 50 and I have no idea why Chicago has terrible lake weather. I got to wear shorts every single day and I think I even got tan for prom which is also this upcoming Saturday. I wanted to share one outfit that I wore because I loved it so much.  

I ended up wearing my Topshop Aviators, Target cactus teeAmerican Eagle shortsBirkenstocks, and all paired with my Kate Spade Spencer Court crossbody bag that I love. I felt so light and springy in this outfit and loved the way the denim went with the cactus print. 
Pictured above is my younger sister (left), close friend (right), and I posing at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello or basically his entire "mini mountain" of land. We explored the property or "TJ's" home as my friend and sister would say. We did a lot of touring around Virginia and we also got to visit the University of Virginia because that's where my friend's brother goes to college and it was very nice touring the campus and seeing all of the colonial architecture that it had to offer. We spent most of Easter weekend outside and enjoying each other's company; relaxing in between feasts by snacking on abundant ham and Easter candy. 

I am always so amazed by the history that can be explored along the east coast and I love visiting everytime I go (even if it feels like a school field trip sometimes with all of the history lessons). It's amazing to see how much has changed since our founding fathers created this country and I'm glad I got to explore more parts of it. I hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend and is enjoying the nice spring weather! What were your Easter plans?


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