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Skincare has especially been a big and important part of my daily routine over these past few months. I've been travelling and also prom is just a few days away! I need the best skin and the softest skin and Clinique has allowed my skin to recover and has immensely repaired my dry and cracked skin. Over the past couple of weeks, my skin has suffered from major dry patches. I don't have normally dry skin, but I wonder if it's from the season changing or what not. One of my best friends gave me these two products to try out and I have never tried Clinique's products before. 

I just wanted to say that my skin type is normally acne prone and oily. It has only started to become dry. I wonder if it's because I haven't been moisturizing that much and these two products have made the biggest impacts. I have the Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Serum and the Clinique All About Eyes cream
This serum has claimed to be for all skin types; oily, combo, dry, acne prone, sensitive and normal (for all of you lucky ducks out there). It helps to renew your skin and to also aid dryness and "dullness", which I don't really understand what that means, but I'm going with it. It's oil and scent free which I love in serums. It actually isn't very thin and liquidy like many other serums are. It comes in a very convenient pump and almost feels like a very light moisturizer. I only need one and a half pumps and it covers my entire face and neck. I love using this after I shower at night and in the morning after cleansing. I have noticed that my dry patches have cleared and my skin has visibly looked healthier and clear of oil. 
I have always enjoyed eye creams and gels because nothing feels better than putting a cooling eye gel on after a long day of school and activities. It's so refreshing to wake up and apply a nice cream under my eyes. This cream is so lightweight and has really minimized my puffiness under my eyes and helps with my laugh lines.

I'll dab a pea sized amount with my ring finger under both of my eyes and instantly feel like I have brightened and revitalized my face. It's just a great product and I think everyone should have a great eye cream that works for them and sometimes, for skincare, I think it's good to invest in a more expensive and high quality product that'll actually treat your skin type. 
I have gone through many different brands before Clinique and I have to say, Clinique knows what they're doing. I have rather sensitive and hormonal skin; Clinique has been really good to me! I know these products aren't cheap and I am thankful for my best friend who was so incredibly generous to give me these to use. What's your favorite skincare product? 

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