My Top 3 Spring BB Creams

As the months get warmer, I have been relocating my bb creams because I'm the type of girl who doesn't love wearing a full coverage foundation when it's 70 and muggy out. Even though Chicago is still struggling to stay consistent with it's beautiful spring weather, rain and cool temps become an issue when it comes to doing my makeup. I have always loved bb creams and how versatile and great they can be for pretty much any skin type. All bb creams have some sort of spf, which is great during this time. I have been through a good number of bb creams in my life and have found some that I really enjoy using.
Bobbi Brown BB Cream Spf 35- I was recently gratefully and generously given this from a good friend of mine who didn't really use makeup. I have tried it already a few times and I am really impressed by it. This is my second Bobbi Brown product that I have used (besides the color corrector concealer) and I am really happy about the way it applied and lasted on my skin. It has a very sheer finish and feels very hydrating while also mattifying and fresh. This is probably my new favorite foundation (besides the Nars tinted moisturizer which I love dearly). I just find this one to be a step down in coverage from the Nars one, so I didn't want to include it in this post because I think it's more of a full coverage tinted moisturizer. 
Rimmel London BB Cream Spf 25- I think this bb cream really takes the cake. No, it doesn't cake on your face. I think this one is just as great as the Bobbi Brown one. What I noticed is that it is more mattifying than the Bobbi Brown one or the Laura Mercier one. If you are looking for a super inexpensive option, I would recommend this one. It has more of a natural finish and is really great if you don't want to look like you have any makeup on.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Spf 20- I bought this tinted moisturizer last year because I heard so many great things about it. They were right! I would compare this more to the Rimmel one because of its sheer coverage. It isn't as matte because it is a moisturizer, however, the right about of powder will make it last all day. I use all of these interchangeably, but when I really want to have a more glowy skin look and when my skin is actually cooperating, I like to use this one. 

My love for bb creams seems to not end and I don't think it ever will. I love how there's so much in one product that can do so many great things for my skin. Especially during the warmer months, these can be lifesavers because they don't leave your skin feeling sticky and gross. What are your favorite bb creams?