My Senior Prom

As some of you may know, my senior prom was this past weekend. It was a magical night and I am so happy that I got to spend it all with my best friends. It was on Saturday, April 22nd, and my high school got the chance to have it at the Museum of Science and Industry downtown Chicago and then we had post prom held on the Odyssey yacht afterwards for more food and dancing while we floated under the stars around Navy Pier. 

I really enjoyed it. I went stag and did not regret going without a date. I made so many more memories with all of my closest friends and didn't have to do any awkward grinding (ew). I ended up purchasing my beautiful dress from a place called Camille La Vie. It was a boutique in a mall farther away from me, but I kid you not, this was the FIRST dress I tried on. I tried on about three more dresses and knew right away that I loved the classic design and look of the first dress. It honestly made the shopping experience a lot easier for me, plus I went in like December which is early, but I also didn't want to have to worry about it. 

My friend Julia and I bought each other amazing corsages from a local florist just to get with the theme. My accent color was red, which I thought really stood out with the black and champagne. At prom, we had an amazing time going through the exhibits and they also had a mirror maze at the museum which was really fun. I had a ball dancing in a big group dance circle and just eating all of the pork buns they had :) It was truly a great time. Now onto the pictures with my family and friends, please! 

Here is me and my younger sister, Emily. She is so much more taller than I am! My older sister, Melissa, was not able to make it because of college, but she was in my thoughts. 

I actually ended up having Emily do my hair and help curl it. I also did my makeup because I thought that I was pretty skilled to do it all! However, I did make sure to have my nails done, so I wouldn't have to deal with it later on. I had a simple accessory ear cuff that I love. I bought this awhile back in some jewlery store and besides the excruciating soreness that you deal with after the excessive pinching, it adds a touch of glam and sparkle to my look. 

I also ended up wearing gladiators that I bought from Target awhile back, as well. I didn't feel the need to trudge in heels for 10 hours and barely enjoy prom because of it. Cheap sandals are the way to go, folks. 

I truly had a great time with all of my friends. Prom was unforgettable to say the least. It did feel like homecoming and some other dances, but I think that the venue of it being in a museum made it so much more special. Our high school had an okay dj, but who really cares when you're with all your friends just having fun? My senior year has been rapidly passing by and I am so excited to see what comes next. In about a month I will be graduating, and as crazy and scary as that sounds, I will be off to college and bring you all along with me for the ride. Until then, what are some memorable things that happened at your prom? If you haven't been yet, what are you looking forward to? Mine was definitely the pork buns ;)

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