Old Navy Fashion Finds

I am all about finding good deals, so when I heard that Old Navy was having a Bogo sale, I had to check it out. Amidst the clearance racks and all, I didn't find many things I really wanted, but I did score a couple items that I really love.

I also made the $1 flip flop sale which is always something my aunt and I look forward to because they have the best multi colored flip flops for the summer. 
The first thing I found was this very minimal bracelet that came in a pack of three with gold, silver, and gunmetal. I love minimalistic jewelry and I gave the other ones to my friends. Three were only about three dollars and I was happy with this buy because I normally don't pick out any jewelry when I'm shopping.
The next thing I really fell in love with was this Fringe Hemmed Tank that also came in black and orange. I think fringe is totally back in style and is so subtle and chic on this summery top. 

I stray away from white, but just couldn't because of the cute detailing. I bought this for ten bucks and have worn it way too many times already. It's a staple in any women's wardrobe. You can tuck it into some festival shorts or layer it with a patterned cardigan. 
The last thing I couldn't manage to put down were these Lace Up Flats that were only four bucks! They're this beautiful periwinkle color and I have never owned shoes like these before. I am going to be adventurous with the pointy toe and see how it goes! They were so on sale that I couldn't pass 'em up. 

I tried to find at least a match to what I bought because these were on clearance. The bracelet was hard to find. Old Navy always has hidden treasures and classic staples that really never go out of style. What do you love about Old Navy? 


  1. Don't get me wrong I love Old Navy, but the quality has really gone hill and I can't justify even spending there even at there discounted prices. That being said you have a very enticing post here and you really made me want to buy there clothes again.


    1. I totally agree, though! Sometimes I'll walk in there and come out empty handed because none of the garments are good quality and look like they'd either shrink or wrinkle. It did take me a while to find these pieces. You just gotta be patient and sometimes you get lucky! As for trends, I think they have really stepped up their game. XX

  2. Pretty post, I love your finds especially the shoes! I haven’t heard of Old Navy before but I live in the UK. It sounds really nice though. I’m loving the fringe trend too, it’s subtle and chic like you said. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi! I can compare Old Navy's clothes to maybe H&M or Primark because I have watched many UK hauls. The quality isn't amazing, but the designs and styles are great! It just depends on what you find! I would recommend it if you ever come overseas :)